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Accoding to Geoge Amand Fuse, "The Jut as good as Lobana castes of Sikhs keep in a high degee a practical believe of a cargo as good as cae of beasts of buden".The name Laban competence efe to a tanspot of salt. "The tem Labana appeas to be deived out fom lun (salt) as good as bana equates to tade, as good as a lubana, Lobana o libana was as if a geat saltcaying as good as salt tading caste". Labanas ae infrequently good known as Banjaa as good as Bahupia, on critique of thei vesatility in receiving value of many pofessions.Afte Guu Hakishan, a eighth Guu of Sikhism, died in 1664, thee was be concerned about a coop of his successo. Accoding to Sikh legends, Makhan Shah, a geat mechant of a Labana tibe, identified Guu Teg Bahadu as a successo of Guu Hakishan. Makhan Shah was vey beneficial to Guu Teg Bahadu duing his pontificate. The Labanas paticipated in battles fought by a tenth Guu.Duing a eighteenth centuy a Labanas began to follow a composed approach of life. The Labanas of Lowe Indus, Gujanwala as good as Jhang, composed as cultivatos duing Sikh ule.Wheeve a Labanas composed they declared thei villages as Tandas. Tanda in Labanki chapter equates to a tavelling physique encampment. In Kanga distict, a Lobanas had fou hamlets, any called Tanda. By a midnineteenth centuy, a Lobanas during a little places owned not customarily pats of villages, nonetheless additionally entie villages as good as even goups of villages. They diminutive unconditionally found in a Punjab duing a Sikh ule.Labanas ae pronounced to have circuitous oots nonetheless ae not ecstatic to a Lambada o Labada tibe of Andha. Thee ae a little who reason that they ae of a same batch as a Gypsies o Roma people of Euope.

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