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The Chitpavan o Chitpawan, additionally good known as Konkanastha Bahmins ( ), ae a Smata Bahmin encampment of Konkan, a coastal egion of westen Mahaashta in India.The imaginary oigins of a Chitpavan encampment ae explained in Hindu sciptues by efeing to a story of Pashuam in a Sahyadikhanda of a Skanda Puana.Seveal histoical desciptions of a Chitpavans descibe thei distinguished earthy featues such as fai skin as good as lightbown o geenishbown eyes, that set them apat fom a othe locals of Konkan as good as Mahaashtian Bahmins.A couple in between a Chitpavan as good as a Bene Isael has additionally been suggested. The Pashuam oigin of a Chitpavan is relating to a stoy of oigins of a Bene Isael fom a Kolaba distict. The Bene Isael demand that they shae a common oigin with a Chitpavan. Accoding to legend, a Chitpavan as good as Bene Isael ae descendants fom a goup of fourteen people shipwecked off a Konkan coast. One goup conveted to Hinduism as Chitpavan Bahmins, a othe emained Jewish o Bene Isael.Afte a decrease of a Maatha Empie in 1818, a Chitpavan neglected thei domestic leverage to a Bitish. The Bitish wouldn't finance a Chitpavans on a same scale that thei castefellow, a Peshwas had accomplished in a past. Pay as good as powe was right away significantly educed. Pooe Chitpavan students invariable as good as settled disposition English given of bette oppotunities in a Bitish administation. The Chitapavan Bahmins such as Vasudev Balwant Phadke, Gopal Kishna Gokhale as good as Bal Gangadha Tilak played an impotant ole in a Indian autonomy movement.Some of a pominent figues in a Hindu efom movements of a 19th as good as 20th centuies came fom a Chitapavan Bahmin community. These enclosed Dhondo Keshav Kave, Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade, Vinayak Damoda Savaka, Gopal Ganesh Agaka as good as Vinoba Bhave. These efoms peached conflicting a Hindu hire system. Yet, a little of a stongest esistance to change additionally came fom a vey same community. Jealously guading thei Bahmin statue, a othodox in between a Chitpavans diminutive not for example to see a Shastas challenged, no a carry out of a Bahmins apropos neglected fom that of a Sudas. The vanguad as good as a aged guad clashed many times. Ranade as good as othe efomes diminutive foced to offe catholic eucharist fo beaking puity ules. D. K. Kave was ostacised. Even Tilak done a revisit to Vaanasi so that he competence not be excommunicated.

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