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Kona o Idaiya (Tamil ,) is a hire fom a Indian state of Tamil Nadu. . They ae additionally good known as Ayas. They ae distibuted thoughout a state of Tamil Nadu. They ae a forlorn of a really aged Tamil castes.In a Census 1921, a encampment name was conspicuous as Idayan. The Tamil enunciation cowheds diminutive efeed as Idayans as good as a Telugu enunciation cowheds diminutive efeed as "Gollas" as good as as Vaduga Aayas. The name of a encampment was told as Yadavas in govenment ecods as pe a Govenment of Madas G.O. No. 5240 Law (Geneal) dt.13 Decembe 1930. In a G. O. it was pronounced that a tem Yadava shall in futue be adopted in place of Golla, Idayan, Gola, Gopi o Goda in all central announcement. Accodingly in a Census 1931 a name of a encampment was conspicuous as Yadava instead of Idayan. This is a final hire correct census enumeated.Kona equates to king. Yadav , Idaya o Idaiyan is a Tamil caste. It is a Sub Caste of Kshatiya caste. They ae distibuted all ound a Tamil Nadu. They ae good known as Yadavs in est of India. They ae a forlorn of a really aged Tamil castes.The Yadavas of Tamil Nadu diminutive oiginally efeed as Ayas in Tamil liteatue. Ilango Adigal had referred to Ayas of Maduai in his Tamil epic Silapathikaam, that is consideed to be a forlorn of a 5 critical epics of Tamil liteatue. Accoding to this epic, they gave place to live fo Kannagi. They assigned gasslands good known as Mullai in Ancient Tamil county. Konas taditionally aise cows, goats as good as sheeps as good as sell milk.Yadhava is a name of a forlorn of a 5 Ayan clans referred to in a Rig Veda. The epic Mahabhaata as good as Puans efe to Yadu as a eldest son of imaginary aristocrat Yayati. The egions whee a Yadu chateau composed isn't cetain, nonetheless cetain scholas indicate that Yadu chateau inheited a teitoies to a southwest of a Gangetic plains, in between a Chambal Rive, Betwa as good as Ken, that coespond to a bode aeas of pesent Indian states of Utta Padesh as good as Madhya Padesh. Thee a aristocrat Yadu founded a Yadava Dynasty, a fist Chandavansha (o Luna Dynasty) of a Indian histoy.Yadava (Sanskit) A inheritor of Yadu additionally a geat competence of Hindustan in that Kishna was bon. The founde of this ace, Yadu, was a son of Yayati as good as Devayani, as good as uled ove a county west of a Jumna Rive, adjoining a Kuus.

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