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Koiy hire is a forlorn of a faming castes of Nothen India. Koiy is anothe name fo Mauya hire in Biha. Vaious subgoups of this hire embody Mauya, Muao, Kushwaha, Kashi, Shakya found in Noth India.They ae at large distant in to dual subgoups, a Bhaktiwa as good as Saktiwa. These goups ae futhe at large distant in to smalle goups, such as a Kanaujiya, Goita as good as Banapho. Mouya hire o Koiy ae taditionally concerned in a agicultual activities. They eside mostly in Utta Padesh, Biha as good as Noth India. They ae vegetaian in lifestyle. They make use of othe titles identical to Kushwaha, Mauy, Shakya, Vema, Bhagat, Mahto, as good as Mehta.In Biha, a Koiy ae found nonetheless out a state. They ae at large distant in to a following subgoups, a Maghaiya o Banapha Koiy, Muai Koiy, Kanaujiya Koiy, Bham Koiy, Goita, Kumaah, as good as Guaiya Koiy. The Koiy of Biha ae taditionally cultivatos, as good as additionally take a eagle-eyed inteest in hoticultue, as good as have ochads of mangoes, litchis, guavas, plums, lemons as good as bananas. In 1927, they set up a Koiy Panchayat Hitakani Samiti, a hire classification fomed to demeanour afte a socioeconomic conditio inteests of a community.

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