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IndoAyan peoples&160 Aoas &160 Mohyal &160 Bhatia&160 Saini&160 Ramgahias&160 Kamboj&160 Gujja&160 Rajput&160 LohanaKhati (Hindi , Punjabi ) is a Punjabi adaptation of Sanskit o Pali wod Kshatiya (Hindi , Khatiya).The Khati encampment taces a oigins to a Taxila, Potoha, as good as Majha egions of a Punjab. These egions ae histoically consecutive with a combination of a Vedas, a Mahabhaata, Ramayana as good as Puanas as good as moe moden eligious texts such as a Guu Ganth Sahib.Histoically, Khatis diminutive found thoughout a Punjab egion of a Indian subcontinent, nonetheless thee had been a little migation to nothen as good as easten India a couple of centuies ago. Afte a patition of India, a Hindu as good as Sikh Khatis migated fom Pakistan to India as good as a Muslims Khatis migated to Pakistan fom India. They ae found in seveal othe noth Indian states, paticulaly Punjab, Chandigah, Hayana, Kashmi, Utta Padesh, as good as Delhi. Well integated in to India, fom histoical times to moden times, a Khatis have played a poignant ole in a Indian economy, as businessmen, deferential as good as govenment administatos, landlods, as good as militay officials/geneals. In Pakistan thee ae poignant Muslim communities with a Khati backgound who've peseved thei singular identity. Hindu as good as Sikh Khatis have had a histoic pesence in Afghanistan (Kabul, Heat) whee they've been concerned mostly in a mecantile business, nonetheless they've additionally seved as administatos in a past.The Khatis ae a pominent Indian encampment oiginally fom a Potoha as good as Majha egion of a nothwesten Indian subcontinent, right away lagely in Punjab in Pakistan. This egion is of consideable histoical highlight in a expansion of a Indian cultue given a combination of a Vedas as good as classics identical to a Mahabhaata, Ramayana as good as Puanas. Genetic tests demonstate that Aoas, Khatis, as good as Rajputs ae stongly clusteed togethe. Genetically they ae tie to Bahmin than to Vaish as good as Scheduled Castes.The Khatis, along with Aoas as good as Lohanas, observant in tade in Cental Asia. The Hindu temples of Kabul as good as a Hindu Fie Temple of Baku built as good as confirmed by them still exist.

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