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Kyastha o Kayasth (Hindi big/big), Bengali bigbig/big/big) is a encampment o amicable goup of India. Thei tadition states that they ae deived fom a deity good known as Chitagupta, whom they evee as thei ancesto.Both a oigins of a Kayastha (legenday as good as histoical), as good as thei on all sides inside of a Hindu vana hire system, ae frequency total topics.Even in between a vaious goups of Kayastha, dispaate goups demand diffeent vana. The Chitagupta Kayasthas (Bahma Kayashta o Kayastha Bahman) demand Bahmin status, nonetheless this was efuted by othe Bahmin goups.Amogst othe legends, Kayastha is a brew red blood encampment fomed of brew maiages duing a Magadha peiod. A pogeny of fathe of Vaidya encampment as good as mother fom Bahman encampment fomed in Bengal. In noth India a pogeny of Suda mothe as good as Bahman fathe as good as in Mahaashta mostly Kshatya fathe as good as Kshatya mothe fomed this community.The Kayastha tace thei begin fom Chitagupta. Pe legend, afte Bahma had ceated a fou Vanas (Bahmins, Kshatiyas, Vaishyas, as good as Shudas), Yama (Dhaamaj) equested Bahma to assistance him ecod a deeds, both good as good as evil, of group as good as to administe justice. Accoding to a sciptues, Lod Bahma went in to imagining fo 11,000 yeas as good as when he non-stop his eyes he saw a male land a coop as good as inkpot in his hands, as good as a swod gidled to his waist. Lod Bahma spokeKayasthas pactice family exogamy as good as hire endogamy pefeing to competence inside of specific subcastes. The people of same al (sublineage) can't intemay, while those of same hire as good as diffeent als can.

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