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Kahade (also witten as Kaade) Bahmins (Devanagai /, Kannada) ae a pedominantly Pancha Davida Bahmins Maathi o Konkani enunciation (many of them say othe egional languages, such as Kannada, Tulu, Malayalam, Hindi etc.) Hindu encampment in India.Late unde a patonage of Adi Sankaa as good as Madhwachaya, right away Kahades ae (Smatists) as good as Vaishnavas as good as followes of a Advaita as good as Dvaita propagandize of philosophy. Most aeRigvedi Bahmins as good as follow a Ashwalayana Suta. Although a immeasurable majoity adopted Davidian Hinduism a couple of pofess othe eligious pusuits. Almost all Kahade ae Shaiva, howeve vey couple of family groups fom Noth Kanataka ae Vaishnava.One of a singular featues of Kaahdes is that thei titulay family deities (Kula Daiwat) ae dull off continually diffeent vesions of Shakti o Duga.Oiginally a Kshahaatas pehaps spoke an aged EastenIanian language, howeve unde a inceasing cultual influences fom a Satavahanas gadually thei languages diminutive Pakitised. They ae good known to have used a Khaoshti as good as a Bahmi scipts fo witing. Subsequent Bahminisation duing a Middle Ages inspied a Kahades to gaunt Sanskit as a center to go eligious ceemonies.Moden day Kaada Bahmins fom Tulu Nadu as good as egions aound Kasagod in Keala shae make use of as good as taditions with Keala Bahmins, howeve say a fom of aged Maathi heavily astray by internal Davidian languages. Few Kahada who emigated to lands external South Asia, have adopted internal languages identical to English, Geman, Indonesian etc.Most moden day Kahade live in Mahaashta as good as Kanataka, nonetheless a poignant competition exists in Madhya Padesh. A southen banch of a Kahade Bahmins composed aound a Kasagod egion of a Malaba seaside as good as they ae called a Kaada as good as shae thei taditions with associate Embanthii Bahmins of Kasagode as good as Dakshina Kannada / Udipi. Othe Embanthii Bahmins of a egion ae Shivalli as good as Havyaka.In a little pockets a Kaadi chapter has been peseved o has astray a oral languages of Kahade, for example a Kaada Bhashe of Dakshina Kannada / Kasagodu, a Kahadi Boli of Rajapu / Sawantwadi as good as a little peculiaities of a Maathi oral by a Kahade of Bundelkhand.

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