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Kanyakubj Bahmins ae a Bahmin encampment found in cental India, especially in a states of Utta Padesh, Biha as good as Madhya Padesh. The wod Kanyakubja equates to Bahmins of a Kannauj egion. Kannauj egion was spead to bode of Vidisha in really aged times. Most of a Kanyakubjas diminutive landlods duing a colonial ule in Awadh, Kannauj egion as good as Bhojpui egion of Biha, Madhya Padesh, Jhakhand as good as Chattisgah The Rahi Bahmins of Bengal ae a resolution of a Kanyakubj Bahmins.Othe subgoup of Kanyakubja ae a Sayupaeen Bahmin, Jujhautiya Bahmin.

   Kanyakubja Brahmin Matrimonials


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