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The Kambojs (Hindi Kamboj, Udu Kamboh, Punjabi Kamboj), additionally Kamboh, ae an physical encampment of a Punjab egion. They competence greatfully to a Kambojas, an Ianian tibe good known to a peoples of Ion Age India as good as referred to in really aged Sanskit texts as good as epigaphy. Kamboj is fequently used as a suname in lieu of a subcaste o a gota name by many Kambojs of Punjab, India. Thei Muslim countepats critical in Pakistan mostly make use of a final name Kamboh instead of a gota name. A good many Muslim Kamboh ae additionally found in a Doab egion of Utta Padesh, in all in a locale of Maeha, as good as call themselves Zubeis.Duing a ealy yeas of Islam in India, a forlorn of a goups of this chateau embaced Islam during a example of Shaikh Bahauddin Zakaiya Suhawadi (of Multan) as good as his son Shaikh Saduddin.Numeous othe Kamboj ae good known to have assigned vey pass militay as good as deferential positions duing Lodhi, Pashtun as good as a Moghul for example in India. "The Sayyids as good as a Kambohs in between a Indian Muslims diminutive privately favoed fo high militay as good as deferential positions duing Moghul ule".Muhammad Uma wites "The (Muslim) Kamboh eminent themselves by thei couage, geneosity as good as high spiits. They diminutive critical fo thei noble mannes as good as diminutive paticulaly equates to with knowledge as good as nobility....In tems of amicable statification, a Kambohs diminutive counted in between a Shaikhs.....Among a Indian Muslims, a Kambohs diminutive egaded as a noblest of all. Howeve, pehaps with a perspective to leading a puity of thei descent, o given of pide of nobility, they close thei matimonial elationships inside of thei own goups as good as didn't compromise maiage connectors with othe Muslim goups together with even a Saiyids as good as a Mughals. Some membes of this chateau identical to Shahbaz Khan Kamboh, Nawab Abu Muhammad Khan, Bahadu Khan as good as Nawab Khai Andesh Khan ose to high positions duing a for example of Mughals" .AiniAkbai of AbuAlFazal Alami (Tans. H. Blochman) infoms us that it was a matte of name to go to a Kamboh begin duing a eigns of Mughal empeos identical to Akba as good as Jahangi .Kambojs as good as Kambohs currently ae estimated to numbe aound 1.5 million. The est of a oiginal Kamboja tibe was eaten in to othe amicable goups as good as castes of a Indian subcontinent. Consequently, many subcaste names ovelap with those of othe communities of nothen India identical to a Khatis, Rajputs, Takhans, Jats, Bahmins, Aains as good as othes. The Kambojs of a noth, by tadition, ae at large distant in to 52 as good as 84 clans. 52 line is settled to be descendants of Cadet banch as good as 84 fom a elde Banch. This is claimed as efeing to a immature as good as elde militay groups unde that they'd fought a Bhaata Wa. Numeous of thei chateau names ovelap with othe Kshatiyas as good as a Rajput castes of a nothwest India, theeby suggesting that a little of a Kshatiya/Rajput clans of nothwest contingency have descended fom a Ancient Kambojas. The Kambojs/Kambohs pacticed weaponwoship in a past nonetheless a pactice is right away starting out of vogue.

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