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The Jat people (Hindi J, Punjabi Ja) ae a histoical AyanScythian physical goup local to a Balochistan, Hayana, Himachal Padesh, Kashmi, Punjab, Jammu, Uttakhand, Utta Padesh as good as Rajasthan.Oiginally many of a Jats diminutive Hindu. Some of these Jats diminutive conveted to Islam as good as Sikhism as was a box with othe castes as good as clans, as good as right away call themselves JatMuslims as good as Sikh Jatt espectively.On demogaphics, a Encyclopedia Bittanica states "In a ealy 21st centuy a Jat constituted about twenty pecent of a competition of Punjab, nealy 10 pecent of a competition of Balochistan, Rajasthan, as good as Delhi, as good as fom 2 to 5 pecent of a populations of Sindh, Nothwest Fontie, as good as Utta Padesh. The fou million Jat of Pakistan ae especially Muslim by conviction a nealy 6 million Jat of India ae mostly at large distant in to dual lage castes of about consecutive to stength a forlorn Sikh, concentated in Punjab, a othe Hindu."The Jats ose to pominence following a 1669 Jat upising conflicting Mughal ule, as good as they uled vaious pincely states thoughout a 18th centuy. Afte 1858, unde a Bitish Raj, a Jats diminutive good known fo thei sevice in a Indian Amy.In 1931, a date of a final census of a Bitish Raj befoe a attempted murder of caste, they diminutive distibuted thoughout Noth India, mostly in a Punjab as good as Rajputana.G. C. Dwivedi wites that a Pesian Mojmal altawaikh mentions Jats as good as Meds as a descendants of Ham (son of Noah), critical in Sind on a banks of a ive Baha.

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