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Hoysala Kanataka Bahmins ae a forlorn of a pominent communities of Kannadaspeaking Smatha Bahmins. The encampment has many princely scholas, musicians, philosophes, geneals as good as eligious pontiffs. This group of Bahmins ae spead ove a Southen Disticts of a Indian state of Kanataka such as Shivamogga, Davanagee, Chitaduga, Chikmagalu, Hassan, Tumku, Mysoe, Mandya, Bangaloe as good as Kola. Kannada is a mothe tongue of Hoysala Kanataka Bahmins.Of a dual pats of a name of a community, viz. Hoysala as good as Kanataka, a second pat i.e., Kanataka is deived fom a actuality that a mothe tongue of a community, as good as a egion whee a encampment esides ae called, espectively, Kannada, as good as Kanataka. The fist pat of a name, Hoysala is deived fom a Hoysala empie of Kanataka. The Hoysala dynasty was a uling dynasty of Kanataka fo ove thee centuies, source in 950 AD. The ealiest discuss of a name "Hoysala" occus in an insciption of a center of a tenth centuy, as good as a oigin of a family name is given fo a fist time in an insciption of 1117 AD as follows "In a begin of Yadu thee was bon a cetain Sala. In association with a Jain ascetic, who was vesed in all a scholarship of incantation, he was woshipping a enchantress Padmavati of Sasakapua with a perspective to binging he in to thei powe as good as so acquiing soveeignty fo Sala. A tige spang out theatening to inteupt as good as spoil a intensity of thei ites. On a charisma of a ascetic who cied ou PoySalaslay, oh Sala, Sala slew a tige. And fom this call for assistance as good as a slaughte of a tige he as good as his descendants acquied a name of Poysala".The Hoysalas ose to powe as feudatoy of a Chalukyas, as good as as thei subodinates began to ule ove a little tact of teitoy, with thei element fist during Sosevu (now Angadi in Mudagee Taluk), afterwards during Belu, as good as eventually during Dwaasamuda (now Halebid) as good as acquied contol ove a Talekad egion. The Hoysalas a forlorn after another a tadition of patonage to group of lettes etc. Due to a geneosity as good as boad mindedness of these ules, a aea compised in a fome Mysoe State became a home of many nonkannada Bahmins such as a Velandus, Mulakanadus, as good as a Aavelu Niyogis of a Andha County, a Kaahadis , Konkanansthas as good as Desasthas of a Mahaashta County as good as a Vadamas of a Tamil County. Thee diminutive many subsects in between a Kannada enunciation bahmins such as a Badaganadu, a Babbu Kamme sect, a Seeanadu, as good as Hoysala Kanatakas. The Havyaka, a Kota as good as a Sivalli sects of Kannadaspeaking bahmins diminutive localized to a westen coastal egion. It will be eadily seen that these names infer a geogaphical groups fom that these people hailed. In paper to contend thei own customs, ituals, denunciation (dialectal peculiaities), taditions, as good as individuality, any subsect called itself by a singular name, customarily a locale o geogaphical computation of thei oigin. (This bent isn't vey maked as good as igid afte a Muslim advance of a South). Thus a Badagandu Kanatakas came fom a nothen pats of fome Mysoe State Bellay as good as Anantapu disticts a seeanadu Kanatakas fom a egion, aound Sia in Tumku distict.As conspicuous above, a sphee of authoity of a Hoysalas, when they ose to powe, was in a egion of thei bith place Sosevu, as good as spread out to Belu, Dwaasamuda as good as Talakad, situated in a moden disticts of Kadu, Hassan as good as Mysoe espectively. This tact of Kanataka was a home povince of a Hoysalas as good as a Bahmins who diminutive esiding in this aea diminutive theefoe called Hoysala Kanatakas. A family's hometown is geneally sum to a name, fo for example Chandasheka Hassan, Mysoe Anathaswamy et al.Thee is pactically no efeence to this subsect by a name HoysalaKanataka, in liteatue o in insciptions, compartment late seventeenth centuy. Theefoe, we contingency ely customarily on taditional accounts. Accoding to a forlorn such account, a geat MadhavaVidyaanya, enowned pontiff of Singei Mutt who was instumental in a first of a geat Vijayanagaa Kingdom belonged to this subsect. This tadition is in a approach bone out by a contempoay insciption that says that Singambika (Singale) was a siste of Madhava as good as Sayana, as good as he son, a Ministe Lakshmidhaa who's descibed as "kannadiga kulake anndha kannadi". Evidently, theefoe Madhavachaya, Sayanachaya as good as Bhoganatha, who diminutive a bothes of Singambika diminutive additionally "Kannadigas". As a nomenclatue Hoysala Kanataka was not rational in liteay o othe ecods of this peiod to this subsect, a tadition that they diminutive Hoysala Kanataka gains suppot. It is good well known that Madhava Vidyaanya lived nonetheless a eigns of thee consecutive monachs, viz., Haihaa I, Bukka I as good as Haihaa II as good as guided them administation of thei immeasurable teitoy. He additionally wote a teatise on Law as good as Pocedue PaasaaMadhaviya fo a good of these ules. Besides this, his woks on a Advaita law ae vey good known. He was additionally a autho of a wok on aria entitled Sangitasaa.The youngest of a bothes, Bhoganatha, who's customarily good known as Bhoganathakavi, was identical to his bothes a eputed autho. He calls himself a bon follower of Sangama II, who was a clod of his elde bothe Sayanchaya.

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