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Havyaka Bahmins (Kannada ) ae a Hindu Pancha Davida Bahmin subsect pimaily fom a Indian state of Kanataka as good as Nothen Keala. Havyakas pofess a Advaita law popounded by Adi Shankaachaya.The wod Havyaka was tanscended fom wods Havyaga o Haveega that equates to a a forlorn who pefoms Havana (Havya) as good as Homa (Gavya), given a vey pupose of Havyaka Bahmins was to pefom a oyal ituals as good as a ecstatic functions of a empiical govenment. In really aged times a egion of today's Uttaa Kannada in between Konkan in a noth & Tuluva in a south was good known by a name of Haiva. This could be a illusive souce of a tem 'Haiga' as Havyakas ae additionally efeed to. In fact, a name "Haiga" pesists in Havyaka lexicon.The wod Havyaka competence additionally be deived fom a place declared Haigunda. That egion of Kanataka that has been inhabited by Havyakas fom really aged times is additionally called Paashuamakshetha, Goastadesha, Gokanamandala.Histoically, it is poven that Havyakas Bahmins diminutive invited as good as paid for to pesent day Kanataka aound a finish of 3d centuy ACE o source of 4th centuy ACE fom a place called Ahicchata..Most of a Havyakas of currently follow eithe Ramachandapua Math o Swanavalli Mutt as good as ae guided by a advaita law of Shankaachaya. Till ecently Havyakas diminutive pimaily observant in agicultue in all gowing betel nut, paddy, banana, coconut etc., while a little pacticed vedic pofessions identical to piests. A couple of decades at a back of they additionally settled enteing in to othe vocations identical to business, education, make use of etc. Duing Indian feedom stuggle, Havyaka encampment played a pominent pat. Men as good as women took heading ole in Salt Satyagaha as good as NoTax Campaign. Dodmane Hegdes of Siddapu had an impotant ole in feedom mutation during all stages.Havyakas ae especially concentated in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Uttaa Kannada, Shimoga, Chikmagalu as good as Kodagu disticts in Kanataka as good as Kasaagod as good as Palakkad disticts in Keala. They ae right away spead all ove India, in all in metopolitan cities of Bangaloe, Mumbai, New Delhi as good as othe industial as good as blurb operation centes. Havyakas ae additionally in lage numbes in counties identical to United States of Ameica, United Kingdom as good as othe places external India.

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