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Hatwal (Hindi/Gahwali ) is a Gahwali Bahmin family name fom a nothen Indian satisfy of Uttaakhand. The Hatwals diminutive pimaily a piestly category who seved as piests (Hindi/Gahwali , paita) as good as teaches during a many Hindu temples in a Kingdom of Gahwal, together with a holy church of Badinath that is pat of a auspicious Hindu pilgimage cicuit of Cha Dham.The Hatwals ae descended fom a specialist (Saptashi) called Bhaadwaja, as good as to illustrate all Hatwals have a same Bhaadwaja Gota, that equates to they ae fom a same ancestal oot.The oigin of a suname Hatwal is fom Hat immature dog (a peson fom a encampment called Hat). Most of a inhabitants of Hat, right away in Gahwal, Uttaakhand diminutive called Hatwals.

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