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While a oigin of a Gujas is uncetain, a Guja chateau appeaed in really aged nothen India about a time of a Huna invasions of a egion. In a 6th to 12th Centuy, they diminutive pimaily classed as Kshatiya as good as Bahmin, as good as many of them late conveted to Islam duing a Muslim ule in South Asia.The Guja chateau appeaed in nothen India about a time of a Huna invasions of nothen India. Some scholas, such as V. A. Smith, believed that a Gujas diminutive foeign immigants, as if a banch of Hephthalites ("White Huns").Geneal Cunningham as good as A. H. Bingley conside a Gujas as descendants of Kushan/Yuehchi o Tochaians of IndoScythian stock. In Gazettee of Bombay Pesidency, a Bitish deferential sevant James M. Campbell identified Gujas with Khazas. Scott Cameon Levi, in his The Indian Diaspoa in Cental Asia as good as a Tade, 15501900, mentions Kaza (Khaza, could additionally efe to Kassa) as good as Kuja (Guja) as dual diffeent tibes with links to Cental Asia.Some othes demand that a Guja hire is ecstatic to a Chechens as good as a Geogians, as good as disorder that Geogia was taditionally called "Gujaistan" (actually Gojestan).A 2009 investigate conducted by Tibal Reseach as good as Cultual Foundation, unde a supevision of Gujja schola D.Javaid Rahi, claimed that a wod "Guja" has a Cental Asian Tukic oigin, witten in omanized Tukish as Ge. Study claimed that accoding to a brand new eseach, a Guja competence "emained a forlorn of a many vibant spirit of Cental Asia in BC ea as good as late uled ove many pincely states in nothen India fo hunded of yeas".Accoding to Scholas such as Baij Nath Pui, Mount Abu (ancient Abuda Mountain) egion of pesent day Rajasthan had been domicile of a Gujas duing gothic peiod.

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