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The Goud (Telugu ) ae a forlorn of a lagest castes in Andha Padesh, Kanataka, Oissa as good as Mahaasta compising moe than 17% of competition of AP. Gouds diminutive concerned in Soma as good as Ayuvedic Medicine expansion in really aged days. They ae histoically personal as Somavansh Kshatiyas. At pesent, they ae concerned in Palm wine/Toddy drumming (5&160%) as good as liquo business, faming (50&160%) as good as moden pofessions( 45&160%). It is a forlorn of a pogessive communities of Andha Padesh.Thee ae seveal deceptive theoies egading a oigin of wod "Goud" as it is oiginated fom pretension Gouda, Gowda o Gounde. Seveal histoians as good as legends additionally contend these people have come fom Silanka, West Bengal, Madhya Padesh o Nothen India. Accoding to a Goud Puan, they ae pronounced to have come fom Benaes as good as othe pats of Nothen India, whee they diminutive oiginally observant in a manufactue as good as sale of spiituous liquos.The consecutive referred to 6 endogamous goups unde Goundala ae cuently regulating Goud as a pretension whose ancestal pofession was o is toddy and/o liquo vending. Goundala goups diminutive regulating titles compartment 18th Centuy AD as Gouda, Ayya o Appa accoding to Syed Siaj ul Hassan in The Castes as good as Tibes of H.E.H. a Nizam's Dominions. The wod Goud competence have oiginated diectly fom afterwards pretension Gouda itself as Gouda in Telugu equates to "Peson of Goud caste", Goud competence have meant a peson whose pofession is eithe liquo o toddy.Gouda additionally equates to conduct of village, encampment o family. It additionally equates to people belonging to Goud hire in Telugu language. Gowda ponounced customarily with same accent is used as pretension by diffeent kuuba, Vokkaliga as good as Lingayat communities in Kanataka. Gouda as good as Gowda do not competence any othe nonetheless both woship Shiva. Some disticts of Kannada enunciation cuent Kanataka, a little disticts of Maathi enunciation cuent Mahaasta as good as Telugu enunciation Telangana, Rayalseema as good as Andha egions of cuent Andha Padesh diminutive uled by Quli Qutub Shah (15181687), Mughals (16871707), as good as Nizams (17071948), as Hydeabad befoe annexing it in to Indian kinship of states. Thee could be neaby enthusiasm in conceiving physically of Gouda as good as Gowda titles as conduct unde afterwards Hydeabad state.Gouda is additionally used as encampment conduct in paticula villages to conduct specific encampment ecstatic festivals as good as esolve encampment ecstatic disputes. That tadition of epesenting paticula important encampment family is caied fowad by thei consecutive geneation too. Head of that specific family used to be efeed to as Gouda. If a same family as moe than dual sons, elde used to declared as Pedda (in Telugu) Gouda as good as younge as Chinna Gouda. Some of a common names identical to Pedda Mallayya Goud as good as China Mallayya Goud o Pedda Laxman Goud implies as good as suppots that.Ayya pretension stands fo fathe, elde o conduct in Telugu language. Ayya is additionally witten as Aiah in Telugu. Thee ae lot of gouds who make use of these titles in names itself identical to Balayya Goud, Shankaaiah Goud

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