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Gavaas o Gavaa Naidu ae a forlorn of a many little communities o hire of Andha who live mostly in a noth coastal disticts. Lage concentations of Gavaa competition ae distibuted in as good as aound Anakapalle in Visakhapatnam distict. A couple of private villages in Vizianagaam as good as East Godavai disticts ae additionally inhabited by Gavaas.Thee is a poignant competition in Tamil Nadu as well.A lage numbe of Gavaa family groups fom these villages migated to othe pats of India especially as Railway employees as good as wokes in Steel factoies.The pominent towns in othe states with sizeable Gavaa competition ae Jamshedpu/Tatanaga (Jhakhand) as good as Khaagpu (West Bengal). Duing Bitish ule, Gavaas spead to Buma (Myanma), Malaysia, Mauitius, Fiji as good as South Afica. In moe ecent decades, made up Gavaas changed in to highe jobs in Hydeabad, Bangaloe, Chennai as good as aboad. Gavaa competition in a United States of Ameica gew in leaps as good as classification in a 1990s onwads compaed to a handful of family groups until a 1980s.A similaly declared Kavaai encampment is pominent in southen Andha as good as Tamil Nadu. Although they shae a common name as good as pofession a Kavaai ae ecstatic to a Balija Naidu community.Both a communities ae not consecutive as good as thee is vey little amicable inteaction in between them.Like othe communities, a Gaua folkloe descibes inteesting stoies about a oigin. Inteestingly, a little of these taditional stoies closely esemble a stoies of othe communities identical to Vaisyas, Sadshusettis as good as Peikis. Additionally, a little of a sunames as good as gotas of a Gauas ovelap with those of a Sadhusettis, Peikis, as good as Vaisyas.Whateve competence be a histoic value of these legends, it is believed that a Gavaas diminutive a forlorn in between a many communities that came down to compromise in South India fom Ahichchata fom Panchala, in a ealy centuies of a Chistian ea.Some contend that a encampment has come to be good known as 'Gauis' o 'Gaueyas' given they woshipped 'Gauidevi', a consot of Lod Shiva, as thei tutelay deity. We competence tace out a ancient times of this woship of Gaui by Gauas to a pactice of 'Gauivatha' in a 13th centuy efeenced in an insciption of a Matsyas of Oddadi. Gauivata is in pactice even right away in between a women of a Gaua as good as Balija communities. The wod 'GAURA' o 'GAVARA' additionally equates to a Vanija o businessman. Accoding to a book, Suka Saptati, Gauas fomed a sepaate encampment with blurb operation as a pofession.

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