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Gangwa (Hindi Udu ) is a Kshatiya chateau of Hindus encampment found in Noth India. Gangwa tem indicates towds a kshatiya chateau critical aound Ganga basin. This pretension is deived fom holy ive Ganga. Gangwas ae oiginally fom Kannauj as good as people of this chateau ae found in a Rohilkhand o really aged Panchala egion of Indian state of Utta Padesh. Specially in a disticts of Rampu, Baeilly, Pilibhit as good as Faukhabad.In a gothic histoy this chateau is found to be mecenaies in a amy of Shivaji as good as othe Maatha Kshataps fom good known histoical contribution it is found that they oiginally belongs to Gahawa family uling Kannauj befoe a advance of Goi in final decade of 13th Centuy. Afte this tumoil Gahawas composed themselves in Swagdwai in a Ganga image as good as Mawa.Gahawas uled Swagdwai compartment King Kunwa Rai Singh, bette good known as Kho left this place as good as set up a brand new Goakha Kingdom in Goakhpu in teai egion in 1210 A.D. Kho was a disceple of Guu Goakhnath as good as neglected wa conflicting Samsuddin, subeda of Badaun unde Qutubuddin Aibak. Gangwas etuned at a back of to egion with a corner amy Sindhias Holkas in 1751 defeating Afghans as good as Pathans. Afte this geat victoy ove Rohilkhand Gangwas plain to compromise in this egion

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