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The Ezhavas (Malayalam , ava) fom a lagest goup in between Hindu communities in Keala. They ae consideed to be descendants of Villava a foundes of really aged Tamil Chea Dynasty who once uled pats of southen India. In Malaba they ae called Thiyya, while in Tulu Nadu they ae good known as Billavas. They diminutive fomely good known as 'Ilava'. Thee diminutive Ayuveda Vaidyas, Waios, Kalai Taines, Soldies, Fames, Cultivatos, Siddha Phyisicans, as good as Tades. Some diminutive additionally concerned in texile manufactuing, liquo blurb operation as good as toddy tapping. Ezhava (Thiyya) dynasties such as a Izhathu Mannanas additionally existed in Keala. The cicus binds a special attaction in between encampment membes in noth Keala as good as many of a critical acobats of India come fom this community.Histoians reason that Ezhavas of Keala ae soldies of Villava tibe who founded Chea Kingdom. Villavas of Tavancoe diminutive good known as 'Ilava' (now good known as Ezhava). The wod Ilava is deived fom Villava that equates to aches who diminutive a waio hire in between a Davidians who uled many of India.Accoding to histoian C. V. Kunjuaman, a dual gods of a Buddhist Ezhavas, namely Cittan as good as Aattan, ae in actuality Buddhist Sidhan as good as Ahatan fom Buddhism. Some othes disorder that ezhava god Aattan is Lod Buddha himself.Mahakavi Kumaanasan, whose woks such as Nalini, Leela, Kauna as good as Chandala Bhikshuki boast Buddhist ideals, lamented during times in his veses about a past gloy of a Sinhalese, o a locals of Silanka, whom he consideed to be a foefathes of pesent day Ezhavas.Genetic studies that expose that a allelic distibution of Ezhavas in a bidimensional tract (coespondence investigate made on HLAA, B, as good as C fequencies) has a athe stong East Euasian component due to a poximity to a Mongol competition in a same plot.The many at large ostensible theoy is that a make use of as good as beliefs of Ezhavas as good as Thiyas ae vey pimitive as good as thei oigin go at a back of to a low past to those really aged peTamil Sangam days. Thei Tamil backgound gave them a God Muuga (Subamanya) as good as a Goddess Kali, as good as horde of othe encampment gods identical to Chathan, Chithan as good as Aathan. Though thee ae not enough fact to clear that Ezhavas ae fom a nothen Silanka, a theoy about thei hold up in Silanka (Ezham/Elam) duing a fist centuies of BC can't be ignoed.

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