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Ediga o Idiga Kannada is a Hindu encampment of people concentated in south cental aeas of Kanataka. Edigas ae concerned in soma as good as Ayuvedic disinfectant developes in really aged days who ae personal as Somavanshi Kshatiyas. In coastal aeas of Kanataka, they ae good known by vaious names such as Billava, Namadhai, Deevau, Halepaika, Namadhai naik as good as Chettia. In a little pats of Kaanataka they additionally called deevau that equates to islandes. Thei categorical pofession diminutive toddy tapping, bewing aack etc., nonetheless right away couple of people do thei taditional job. It is a forlorn of a pogessive communities of Kanataka.The wod Ediga is 'people of Eda' o Ida being an really aged Kannada name fo Si Lanka. They ae additionally called deevau. The wod Deevau competence have come fom a Sanskit wod Dweep equates to island that again denotes a island commonwealth of Si Lanka.Edigas ae a goup made in Kanataka, taditionally concerned in Toddy Tapping, liquo sales, Ayuveda doctos as good as faming. Due to thei had wok as good as shee detemination, right away they ae discerning impoving, spiitual, gaining stength economically, cultually as good as politically.Thei competition is about 3,000,000. They especially live in Bangaloe, Chikmagalu, Chitaduga, Shimoga, Uttaa Kannada, Udupi, Dakshina Kannada, Hassan as good as Tumku disticts. Thei subgoups ae Mudde Idiga, Swaswe Idiga as good as Aya Idiga made on thei past occupations.They conside Yellamma as thei encampment deity. The temples of Devi Yallamma additionally good known as Shee Renuka Devi is situated on a soaring nea Soundatti Taluka in Belgaum Distict & on Chandagutti soaring in Soaba Taluka in Shimoga Distict of Kanataka.

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