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Dhobis ae an occupational hire gouping, as good as customarily opeate fom doo to doo pciking up dity linen fom households. Afte a day o two, they etun a linen washed, infrequently stached as good as ioned. Dhobis diminutive a foeunnes households.Each dhobi maks a singular pitch o chaacte on gaments belonging to a paticula household. This is maked in black conspicuous ink to pevent it fom being cleared off. Dhobis competence rinse a duds themselves o outsouce it to dhobis who customarily rinse clothes. In Andha Padesh this hire is good known as Rajaka (Chakali) as good as they have up 12% of a Andha Padesh population. They ae good known as Madvala o Rajaka in a state of Goa, as good as have Othe Backwad Class status, while many Dhobis in Noth India have scheduled hire status. Pehaps a lagest concentation of Dhobis is found in Utta Padesh. They have been ganted scheduled hire status. The encampment is stictly endogamous, as good as pactice chateau exogamy. Thei categorical clans, good known as gotas, ae a Ayodhiabasi, Kanaujia, Mathu, Shivastav, Belwa as good as Jaiswa. The Kanaujia do not intemay with a Belwa, as good as a encampment additionally pactice hypegamy, with clans of lowe standing giving gils in maiage to those of highe status, nonetheless not eceiving gils. They say a vaious dialects of Hindi, such as Khai boli as good as AwadhiThe Dhobi ae still concerned in thei taditional occupation, that is soaking clothes. Taditionally, a encampment would rinse duds fo paticula families, as good as would eceive benefit as good as sevices fom them. But with a gowth of a income economy, many Dhobi ae right away paid income fo thei sevices. A poignant numbe of Dhobis ae cultivatos, as good as this paticulaly so in westen Utta Padesh. They live in multicaste villages, nonetheless take up thei own distinguished quates. Each of thei allotment contains an infomal hire council, good known as a biadai panchayat. The panchayat acts as instument of amicable contol, trade with issues such as divoce as good as adultey.The Dhobi of Rajasthan demand push fom Rajput community, as good as ae good known as Dhoba. Although a Dhobi ae found thoughout Rajasthan, thei categorical concentation is in Ajme Distict. The Dhobi say Mewai, nonetheless many additionally undestand Hindi. They have been ganted Scheduled Caste status. Like othe Hindu castes in Rajasthan, a Dhobi encampment is futhe at large distant in to clans good known as ataks. Thei categorical ataks ae a Chauhan, Mawaa as good as Hilogia. Maiages ae fobiden inside of a clan. Most Dhobi ae still concerned in thei taditional function of soaking clothes. They ae exlusively Hindu as good as thei tibal deity good known as Ghatmata.The Dhobi of Hayana ae pronounced to have oiginated fom Punjab as good as Rajasthan. They ae scatteed nonetheless out a state. Like othe Hindu communities, they ae at large distant in to clans called gotas. Some of a majo gotas ae a Chauhan, Shukava, Rajoia, Tonwa, Panwa, Badea, Satmase, Akhasiya, Mahava, Basvadiya as good as Sunaia. These chateau names ae additionally used as sunames. Thee categorical function emains soaking of as good as indisposed of clothes. A little numbe of Dhobi ae maginal fames.

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