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The Dhanga (Sanskit / Devanga Hindi ) hire is pimaily located in a Indian state of Mahaashta. The liteal tanslation of a name Dhanga is "Wealthy". The AiniAkbai descibes them as being a poud, efactoy as good as domineeing competence of Rajputs, critical in a Basim Sica and, with numeous amed foces, occupying a fots as good as contolling a suounding disticts. Initially thee diminutive twelve tibes of Dhanga as good as they'd a Division of labou amongst bothes of a forlorn family. This late fomed thee subdivisions as good as a forlorn half computation (3.5). These thee being Hatka (Shepheds), (Cowheds) o Mhaska(Buffalo keepes), as good as Khuteka (Wool as good as Blanket weaves) / Sanga. The half computation is called Khateek o Khatik (Butches). All subcastes decrease in eithe of these divisions. All subdivisions emege fom a forlorn batch as good as all subdivisions demand to be a forlorn goup of Dhangas. Studies have evealed that they ae genetically a closest. Baghel, Mhaska / Hatka (Assal/Assali)/ Bagi / Baahatti / Bahatta / Bagahi / Baagahi / Bande (Revolutionay) / Zende (Bave) / Bhillai / Khillai / Metkai /Saga/ Dange / Bakawal / Pohol / Bhawad / Shippi /Banne / Kuuba (meaning tustwothy) / Kanoe / Kanade /Katmoe/ Kuma / Kuba / Kuumba / Gadeia / Gadi, Idaiyan / Idaiya / Idaiga / Kona / Gavali / Golla / Mohaniya, Neekha/Nikhe, Khuteka / Gie / Dewanga / Kshiti / Khati, Kukteka, Saga/, Senga / Sanga / Shega, Saoj, Lad Mendhe / Ladse, Jhade / Jhadi / Zade, Hulwan, Konkani, Mahue / Mahuai, PalPali, Patpatia, Telange, Tellai, Wahade / Vaadi / Baade,Captain Fitzgeald had obseved that a geneal suspicion is that oiginally thee diminutive Twelve Tibes of BagiDhangas, who came fom Hindustan, as good as a county about Hingoli was called Baa Hatti (Hatka). The tem BaaHatti could to illustrate meant a county of a Dhangas of twelve hattis. The tem Hatka is deived fom hatti. Accoding to a Davidian Etymological Dictionay, h(p)atti has a following meanings coop (Kannada), community (Malayalam), cowstall, sheepfold (Tamil). A hatti would theefoe meant a sheep coop o a stay o a allotment of sheepkeepes. In a aged Kannada dictionary hattikaa occus as a equivalent tenure of govali, o cowheds. These etymological linkages infer a tie in between a sheep as good as cattle keepes. The tem equates to a stay of sheepcattle keepes. Baahatti equates to a encampment consisting of twelve vadis. The vadi constitutes 2023 Dhanga families. The wod head cover equates to rejection in Maathi as good as hatti equates to being obstinate. Theefoe "Hatka" equates to people who ae obstinate. Captain Fitz Geald, once an partner commissione in Bea, done a following obsevation The Hatkas declae that they came pio to a Nizam apropos subheda of Deccan A critical couplet of a Bengali cadle song, ceated by Oiya as good as Bengali people to have thei babies nap during night is quoted below.

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