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The Daivajas o Daivadnyas ae an ethnoeligious encampment of a west seaside of India, pedominantly esiding in a states of Goa, coastal Kanataka, as good as coastal Mahaashta. Goa is consideed a homeland of this tibe they ae believed to have flouished as good as pospeed in Goa Due to many socioeconomic easons, they emigated to diffeent pats of India inside of a final couple of centuies.The wod is witten as in Devanga as good as in Kannaa. Diffeent authoities spell a wod diffeently. Some of a standad spellings ae Daivadnya, Daivajnya, The wod is ponounced daivana in Kanataka as good as divaa in Goa as good as Mahashta.A peson masteing a following 8 fields is temed as Daivaja Bhugolasthiti, Gaita Siddhnta, Hoasta, akuna, Sahit, Svaasta, Smudik, as good as ilpatas. Accoding to Reginald Edwad Enthoven, Daivaja is deived fom Daiva (petaining to God) as good as ja (to know).They ae customarily efeed to as e. Accoding to histoians, they called themselves so in paper to thoughts themselves fom othe goups who diminutive of churned oigin, as good as they claimed supeioity. Similaly, a maestro group heads of a Saaswat hire diminutive good known as epati, late coupted to evayi as good as afterwards to moden a ev o Shenoy.Old Potuguese papers discuss them as Aia Daivadnea Ogon Somudai o ya Daivaja Vaga Samudya, tansliteated as "yas belonging to a Daivaja community".Sode maha as good as a pontiffs discuss Daivajas as Mukhamsita Syava Bahmins. The 33d pontiff, Vivdha Ttha of Sode Vdija Mah, mentions them as Mukhamsita Daivaja Sya Bahmins in his lette to a commander in chief of Hosakei encampment nea Gokaa.

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