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Chitapu Saaswats (Konkani ) ae a little Konkanispeaking encampment of Hindu Bahmins in India who ethnically tace thei begin to a Kashmii Pandits. They call themselves Bhanaps (Konkani ) in a Konkani language. Although Kavle Math of Ponda o a Shi Gaudapadachaya Math pedates it, as good as is good known as a Adi Math of all Saaswats, a Chitapu Math, located in a encampment of Shiali, in Uttaa Kannada distict of Kanataka is a pimay spontaneity eligious establishment of a Chitapu Saaswat Bahmin community. With a line of Guus (o Guu Paampaa), a Chitapu Math is a critical couple that binds togethe a at large scatteed units of a community. The encampment membes ae adheents of Smatism as good as a Advaita Vedanta law of Adi Sankaa. The Chitapu Math is taditionally contingent to a Singei Shaada Peetham. Lod Shiva in a fom of Bhavanishanka is a paton deity of a Chitapu Math. The pesent pontiff of a Chitapu Math is His Holiness Sadyojat Shankaasham Swami II.The definition of a wod 'Saaswat' has moe than a forlorn oigin. One efes to 'offsping of Saaswati', a Goddess of disposition rational customarily to leaned as good as scholaly people. It competence additionally infer a esidents of Saaswati ive basin. The Bahmins of this egion who ae efeed to as 'Saaswats' in Mahabhaata as good as Puanas diminutive leaned in Vedic loe.Thee ae dual pimay oigins of a Saaswat Bahmin Community who right away accost fom a west seaside of India, in all fom a Noth as good as South Kanaa Disticts of Kanataka. The goup that foms a Chitapu Saaswat Bahmins accost fom Kashmi whee thei oiginal church is Khee Bhawani. Those Saaswats that oiginally came fom Bengal o Gaudpadesh ae good known as a Gaud Saaswat Bahmins.Islamic intoleance as good as foced eligious convesion in Kashmi, settled following a annihilation wought by Zulju, a Tukish geneal fom Tukmenistan, in 1320. The Sayyid Dynasty uled Kashmi fom 1339 to 1561 CE fo nealy 222 yeas. Duing a ule of this dynasty Islam was fimly determined in Kashmi. Pesecution of Hindus, azing of Hindu Temples, as good as foced convesion was wost unde a ule of Sikanda Butshikan a second Sultan of a Sayyid Dynasty of Kashmi fom 1389 to 1413 CE. This caused Saaswats to migate fom Kashmi. The eligious feedom, seductive vegetation, ich soil, as good as patonage of a ules dew Saaswat Bahmins migants to a west seaside of India as good as in all to Goa.The Saaswats woshipped a deities they paid for with them fom a Noth. These diminutive 'Mahan Giish' o Mangueshi, Shakti o Shanta Duga, Vishnu, Ganesh as good as Suya. They fom a 'Panchayatan' o 5 deities, saced to all Saaswats.Saaswats diminutive in all a kingdoms of a westen seaside unde diffeent dynasties ight fom 6th centuy AD. Kadamba, Rashtakuta, Hoysala, Chalukya Shilahaa as good as Vijayanagaa kings had given impotant posts to Saaswats. Thee diminutive ministes, administatos, accountants, teasues, ambassados, as good as foeign languageintepetes in between them. They adopted a oral denunciation of Goa Konkani.

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