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Namdev Panthi A bhagat of fame, pronounced to have been a forlorn of a disciples of Ramanand, was Sant Namdev, a Chhimba o cottoncade. He was bon on Octobe 29, 1270. Accoding to a forlorn critique he was a Maathi, as good as was bon during Pandhapu in a Mahaashta. He is pronounced to have been pesecuted by a Musalmaans, who scored equally to pesuade him to epeat a wods "Allah, Allah", instead of his favouite ,"Ram, Ram", nonetheless by a vaiety of extraordinary miacles he short-lived fom thei hands. Afte a consideable volume of tavelling to as good as fo, he during final composed in a encampment of Ghuman, in a Batala tehsil of a Gudaspu Distict, whee he died. A gleam good known as a "Daba", was eected in his honou in Ghuman, as good as on a Sangand day of evey Magh, a cowded fai is reason thee in his honou.His followes can scacely be pronounced to consecrate a sect. They ae dull off entiely, if not entiely, Chhimbas by caste. Thei founde appeas to have esisted stoutly a petensions of Muhammedanism, as good as was looked on as a followe of Ramchanda, nonetheless his Hinduism was by no equates to of a odinay type. He taught emphatically a togetherness of God as good as a inability of ceemonial as good as his doctines would appea to have appoached faily closely to those of Nanak as good as a ealie Sikhs as good as seveal of his poems ae incopoated in a Sikh Adi Ganth. At any ate a followes of Baba Namdeo ae vey lagely Sikhs by eligion as good as they ae said, whethe Hindus o Sikhs, to reason a Ganth in eveence as good as to follow many Sikh customs. They have no singular woship of thei own. The Hindu Namdeopanthis ae found especially in Jalandha, Gudaspu as good as Hissa, as good as a Sikh especially in Gudaspu. The saint's name is ponounced, as good as mostly spelt Namdev as good as his followes call themselves Sikh Namdev, Namabansi, Baba Nam ke Sewak, as good as a like. (Chhimbas ae kshatiyas by caste. Chhimba equates to a calico pinte/tailo.Bhai Mohkam Singh(16631705) (o "Mokham"), bon Muhkam Chand, was a forlorn of a oiginal Panj Piae o a Five Beloved of honoued memoy in a Sikh tadition. Hwas a son of TIath Chand, a calico pinte/tailo of Dvaaka in Gujaat. About a approval 1685, he came to Anandpu, afterwards a chair of Guu Gobind Singh whee he pactised matial ats as good as took pat in a Sikhs' battles with a suounding soaring chiefs as good as impeial toops. He was a forlorn of a 5 who offeed thei heads in esponse to Guu Gobind Singh's call on a Baisakhi day of 1699 as good as eaned a method of Panj Piae. Initiated in to a paper of a Khalsa, Muhkam Chand eceived a common suname of Singh as good as became Muhkam Singh. He died in a brawl of Chamkau on 7 Decembe 1705 with Bhai Himmat Singh as good as Bhai Sahib Singh.1.Backgound as good as Ealy hold up His fathe, nonetheless poo, was made up as good as good vesed in a saced texts. He sent his son, afte peliminay credentials during home, to Amitsa whee he became a initiate of Giani Sant Singh (1768 1832), a enowned male of lettes as good as guardian of Si Daba Sahib.Afte carrying complicated Sikh Sciptue as good as histoy, Sanskit denunciation as good as liteatue, poetics, law as good as mythology during Amitsa fo about fifteen yeas, Santokh Singh changed to Buia, an aged locale on a ight bank of a Yamuna in a pesent Yamuna Naga distict of Hayana, a little time befoe 1813. 2.Wite, bard as good as peacheThee he determined himself as a wite, poet, as good as peache. His paton was Dial Singh, additionally fom a clothmakes' family as good as an aged default of a poet's fathe, who was seving as an amy bureau unde Sada Hai Singh, arch of Buna.

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