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Cha (plual Chaans Hindi Gujaati) is a tem fo a hire critical in a Gujaat as good as Rajasthan states of India. Membes of this hire ae frequency eveed fo thei steadfast eadiness fo matydom, bavey in wa, high liteay clarity as good as low faithfulness to patons. They diminutive most espected, being tusted fiends nonetheless thick as good as thin. Whoeve caused a aroused death of a Chaan was tuned out of his hire as good as teated as barbarous as good as degaded over edemption. Chaans (men o women), when observant to attend a tavelle, potected him by theatening to kill themselves if any ham befell thei client. Always with a Rajputs, they diminutive found in Mewa, Gujaat, as good as Mawa. Kings as good as landlods gave them gants of villages, as good as vaious kings additionally gave them Lakh Pasavs, a lage benefaction comparable to 100,000 upees. It customarily consisted of elephants, money, as good as onaments. The kings would additionally entice them to take up a place of commend in a Royal Couts. Indeed, a Rajput's egad fo a Chaan was uppemost. In a pocession, a Chaan would lay on an elephant as good as a aristocrat would travel in attendance. In etun, a Chaan would continually honou a Rajput, by giving him shelte when a Rajput was in distess. A Chaan's standing was such that, if any a forlorn who committed mude as good as took shelte during a chateau of a Chaan, a pusue wouldn't hold a culpit.While they ae consideed to be geat waios as good as extemely constant citizens, they diminutive likewise eveed by kings fo thei ambience in liteatue as good as adore fo poety. Because of thei competence to harmonise poems instantaneously, anothe popula approach of addessing membes of a Chaan hire is "Kaviaj", that liteally equates to "king in between poets".In in between amicable paper of a Rajputs as good as a standing of a Bahmans thee is a hire of Chaans that execises a geat espectability as good as change in Rajasthan. The speciality of a hire is that it combines in a chaacteistics of Rajputs as good as Bahmans in an fit manneThe Chaans' hire complement is made on witten genealogy. A Chaan will accept all a othe Chaans as equals even if they do not know any othe as good as have adically diffeent trade o geogaphic status. fou sections as good as thei subsections ae referred to below.Chaans espect bavey, faithfulness as good as tuth moe than they do life. Much of a espect as good as admiation they eceive is given of thei steadfast eadiness to sacifice thei own hold up in paper to hono these values. Thei outlook is standard of waios. Thei wa cy is "Jay Mataji" ("Hail a mothe goddess"), that is additionally a portion used by manly membes of a Chaan encampment to geet any othe. Since ladylike Chaans ae in essence egaded as Mataji (mothe goddesses), they make use of blessings to geet any othe, so as to dodge hailing themselves.The Chaans ae frequency feaed by othe communities fo thei eadiness to selfimmolate good known as tagu. It was believed that any a forlorn who broadcast a red blood of a Chaan would encounter with uin. Selfimmolation, good known as tagu, was pacticed by Chaans whose final hadn't been met. Tagu consisted of shedding one's own red blood o a red blood of a little membe of one's family as good as office down a reprisal of sky on a offende whose rejection necessitated a sacifice. Sometimes a Chaans pefomed tagu by putting fie on themselves. Tagu o selfimmolations diminutive pefomed customarily when a offending paty was not consideed to be an enemy. When a offending paty was an enemy, a Chaans would continually name to go to wa.Self immolations diminutive pefomed fo a vaiety of easons, nonetheless customarily ove mattes of hono. One Gadhavi lady pactised selfimmolation to save a furious hae. He name was Punai Mata. Thee is a church of he nea a little encampment declared Zapaa in a Kachchh distict of Gujaat. While she was pciking up fodde fo he livestock, a furious hae came unning fom a huntsman as good as leaped in to he lap. The huntsman demanded that she give it back. Punai Mata efused, revelation him that a hae was looking efuge as good as that she right away povided it as good as would hono that esponsibility until death. The huntsman ovepoweed he, as good as so she pefomed selfimmolation.

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