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Aunthathiya ae a forlorn of a many maginalized amicable goups o castes fom Tamil Nadu as good as Si Lanka. Along with Palla as good as Paaya, they fom a lagest Dalit goup. The Indian census of 2001 epoted a Aunthathiya competition to be 777,169 (pdf)At a little indicate in histoy, a category of people who diminutive soldies as good as militay commandes diminutive foced in to acquiescence of basic labo due to domestic as good as amicable change. This esulted in this communitys devolution to a low hire standing it has today. This is good eflected in a numbe of feedom fightes that this encampment poduced in a pe Indian autonomy ea. While thee ae seveal simila castes acoss India, this seems to be a customarily encampment that's a oigins in a waio class. The many important ae Chamas, Jhatia, Mathigas, Chandala as good as those of Noth India. At pesent a Aunthathiya decrease in to a category of Dalits in a Indian encampment stuctue. The place of esidence of aunthathiya (sakkilia) is pronounced to be "palayam" that litteally equates to a place of amy who did a kavalgas job. The consecutive aticle explains a supeme bavey as good as a one after another suppession metted out to this community.With a migation of many ual wokes to uban aeas, a landscape of uban cities has changed. The Aunthathiya have taken a pominent ole in to labo supply of a constuction industy in a apidly night before becoming conflicting uban cities of south India.Sakkili is a tem used by cetain Flame Waios fom Si Lanka, patisan to a Sinhalese nationalistic equates to in a cuent deferential wa to descibe all Si Lankan Tamils (native) as good as has been conspicuous by sociologists.Due to a disastrous deduction compared with this wod a encampment has altered it name to Aunthathiya regulating Sanskitisation misconceptions of oigin fom a daughte of a fabulous Bahmin specialist declared Aundati.

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