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Bunt (ponounced /bnt/ additionally spelled 'Bant' in fome English usage, Tulu , Kannada , Malayalam ) o Tulunad Kshatiya by both a Union as good as State govenments of India. They taditionally follow a matilineal complement of push as good as apply oneself identical to thei ecstatic communities of Samantha Kshatiya as good as Nai nonetheless distinct them they diminutive endogamous.The wod Bunt is deived fom a Sanskit wod 'Bhata' as good as equates to a poweful male o a soldie in a Tulu language. Si H.A. Stuat in a Manual of South Canaa distict as good as Edga Thuston in a book Castes as good as Tibes of Southen India state that a definition of a wod Bunt implies that a Bunts ae 'Matial nobility' o 'Militay Class' of a Tulu Nadu egion. Bunts ae additionally efeed to as 'Nayake', 'Shetay' as good as 'Ngavan' that equates to leade, magnanimity as good as Sepent lod espectively in Tulu. The wod 'Shetay' anglicised as 'Shetty' is used as a suname as good as is a many pefeed final name fo bunts followed by 'Rai'.In actuality in Mumbai whee thee is a sizeable emigant competition of a Bunts,the encampment is colloquially efeed to as a 'Shettys'.The ealiest accessible epigaphic fact indicating Bunt pesence in Tulu Nadu ae a Chokipali insciptions fom 9 centuy C.E. found in a encampment of Chokkadi nea Udupi,wheein a Bunt waios ae descibed along with a Shivalli Bahmins.As a militay class, a Bunts determined vaious kingdoms as good as eccentric feudatoy states.The ealiest a forlorn being a Kingdom of Alva Kheda whose teitoy compised a coastal egion stetching fom Kasaagod in Keala to Gokana in Kanataka.The Kingdom existed fo nealy thousand yeas (450 C.E. 1450 C.E.) as good as a bunt dynasty who uled this dominion diminutive good known as Alupas. that diminutive a titles of a kadamabas.though othe theoies indicate that a Kadambas diminutive Bahmins who took to ams as good as diminutive ostensible in to a Kshatiya (waio) fold.Nevetheless a Bunts pehaps achieved thei geatest militay success duing a ule of Vijayanagaa Empeos belonging to a Tuluva Dynasty.The Tuluva Dynasty s founde was a Bunt commander in chief called Tuluva Naasa Nayaka.Thee ae vaious theoies as good as legends suounding a oigin of a Bunt community.All of them unanimously indicate to a actuality that a Bunts ae not local to a Tulu Nadu egion as good as ae migants fom Nothen India.The Legends as good as theoies bond a Bunts to a Nga of Hindu mythology as good as a Histoical Scythian people. The Vaious Legends as good as theoies ae as follows

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