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A boya, additionally spelled boya, definition Hunte o Waio, denotes a leade of a goup o conduct of a teitoy. Boya is called a Boya in Tamil Nadu. They consecrate a Kshatiya o Waio category of India as good as ae believed to have oiginated fom an really aged people called a Kiata (Sanskit ), a geneic tem in Sanskit liteatue fo people who lived in a mountains, paticulaly in a Himalayas as good as NothEast India.The Boya hire coesponds to a Kiatas people, descibed in a KiataPava as good as VanaPava of Mahabhaata as waios, huntes as good as soaring dwelles. They belonged to a forlorn of a soaring tibes who subsisted by competition as good as leading little amies.Accoding to mythology, a geogaphical on all sides of a Kiata dominion was nea Nepal as good as Bhutan. In a Mahabhaata, Bhima meets a Kiatas east of Videha. The dwelles of a Himalayas, in all a easten Himalayas, diminutive called Kiatas.The Boyas migated fom IndoIan aound 5th centuy BCE to a Indian subcontinent, as good as in a 9th centuy to Tukey, Ieland as good as Romania. The make use of of a wod "Boya" in othe languages, definitely Russian as good as Bulgaian, is suspicion to be ecstatic to a Indian tibes who migated around Tukey to Slavic lands.The Russian wod Boya is consideed to be etymologically ecstatic to a Indian wod, aiving in a Russian denunciation around Tukic. It is suspicion to be stoical of a oots bai("noble", distinguished) as good as a ("a nobleman").The tem "Kiat" is a coupt fom of kiiat, kiyat, o kijat, that equates to a fot o locale in a Moabite denunciation of a Mediteanean egion. When thei numbe inceased, they built many fots as good as towns as good as called them Kiiathime, Kiyatyaim, Kijathaba, Kiyatbaal, Kiyat hujo, Kiyatsanna as good as kiyatsaphe, that infer a definition of a locale o fot of a foest o a locale of a god Baal, o a locale of Books, o a locale of palm tees. The esidents of a on tip of conspicuous towns settled office themselves Keeti, that late became keatite o a keite tibe. The keeti people led a circuitous hold up as good as gadually spead towads a easten as good as notheasten counties.

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