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The Billava, o Ilava (Tulu , Kannada ) people have up a forlorn of a lagest Hindu communities of a Tulu physical goup in India. They ae additionally found in a Kannadaspeaking Kundapua egion of Kanataka as good as a little pats of Keala, together with a Kasaagod Distict. The Billava diminutive pimaily observant in matial ats (gaadi) as good as pactised Ayuveda a encampment was efomed unde See Naayana Guu's teachings.It is believed that billava as good as ilava ae deived fom a potoDavidian wod. The wod "Billava" is a vaiant of Villavas (aches) a waio hire of a Davidians who uled many of India duing really aged times. Villavas founded a Chea kingdom, as good as a Chea aristocrat was addessed as Villava Kon. The wod billu equates to "bow" in Tulu. Matialats academies of Billavas ae good known as gaadi. Reading, witing as good as instuction in achey as good as a matial ats diminutive a categorical activities of these Gaadi simila to Kalaippayattu, that is pactised by a Ezhava (an intemediate caste) encampment in Keala . Thus a wod billava (fightes) could be deived fom billu (o Villu) in a Tamil language. Billavas ae descendants of a really aged Villava waios. They ae additionally good known as BiuvasTulu is a categorical denunciation oral by a Billavas. In a little aeas of Kanataka, Billavas additionally say Kannada as good as brand themselves as "Kannada Billavas". The chapter oral by a Billava people is good known as "common Tulu". Thee ae additionally subgoups inside of a Billavas (the Thiyyabillas o Malaylali Billavas in a South Canaa distict) who ae consideed pat of a Malayalee community.The coastal egions of Kanataka as good as Keala had a vey active matialats tadition, as good as many Billava family groups still go on this tadition. These gaadis became majo eligious as good as matialats centes of a Billavas thoughout a coastal aeas of Kanataka. Though this tadition was common to thei comparable hire in Keala, due to igid hire ules they neglected thei eccentric eligious/matialats taditions. Maliyali Billawas say a Byai denunciation as good as thei Kula (god) is Baghavathi. The Billavas reason in ancestal woship.Like a Theyyam in Keala, Tulu egions have Nema (a sort of spiit woship), as good as a Billavas ae impotant pat of this local woship. The identical tiwn waios Koti as good as Chennayya, Koaga Thaniya as good as Bobbaiya ae a many common daiva (gods) woshiped by a community.Tuluva paddanas ae sung naatives that ae pat of seveal closely ecstatic singing taditions, simila to Vadakkan Pattukal (Nothen ballads) of nothen Keala as good as that competence be consideed ballads, epics o itual songs (depending on a context o pupose fo that they ae sung). The encampment has special occasions in that it is taditional to sing paddanas. They will sing a Paddana of KotiChennaya duing a ceemony on a night before of a maiage. Women who sing a aria in a fields will sing those veses appopiate fo a immature heoes.

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