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The Bhabhunja ae a lagely Hindu hire found in Noth India as good as Mahaashta. They ae additionally good known as Kalena in Mahaashta, Meha in Punjab as good as in Utta Padesh. A little numbe ae additionally found in a Teai egion of Nepal. The Bhabhunja deive thei name fom a Hindi wod bhunja, that equates to gam, as good as a encampment was concerned with oasting gam. They diminutive pronounced to have oiginally belonged to a Jhinwa caste, nonetheless separate off fom them when they took to oasting gam. Thee is no intemaiage in between a dual communities now. The majoity of a Bhabhunja ae Hindu, only a domain in Gujaat as good as Utta Padesh, who fom a sepaate encampment of Muslim Bhabhunja. A little numbe in Punjab as good as Hayana . Those in Hayana as good as Punjab say Punjabi.In Mahaashta, thee ae thee distinguished communities of a Bhabhunja, a Bhad Bhunjai, a Padeshi Bhunjai as good as a Bhoi Bhunjai. All a thee goups demand thei oigin fom diffeent egions, with Bhad Bhunjai claiming thei oigin fom Gujaat, a Padeshi fom Madhya Padesh, as good as a Bhoi fom Rajasthan. Each of these goups is endogamous, as good as do not intemay. They ae additionally sepaated by language, with a Bhad Bhunjai still enunciation Gujaati, while a othe goups say Maathi. The Bhad Bhunjai ae right away found especially in a disticts of Nasik, Pune, Thane, Ahmednaga as good as a city of Mumbai.Like othe occupational castes, a encampment has seen a lessening in thei taditional occupation. A majoity of a encampment ae right away salary laboues, with a little numbe being meagre businessmen. Howeve, a lessening in thei taditional function hasn't seen a weakening of thei identity. The encampment emains endogamous, as good as pactices chateau exogamy. Futhemoe, thee is no intemaiage in between Sikh as good as Hindu Bhabhunja, as good as a dual ae right away pactically distinguished communities.In Punjab, a Bhabhunja ae additionally good known as Meha. They say Punjabi, as good as ae stictly endogamous. Like othe Punjab communities, they pactice gota exogamy. Thei categorical gotas ae a Behal, Samala, Dehn, Sinhota, Lendichuk as good as Memota. The encampment ae right away lagely little emporium keepes, with vey couple of still concerned in benefit paching.The Mahaashta Bhabhunja ae still concerned in thei taditional function of offered pached gain. A poignant numbes ae right away businessmen, as good as they diminutive a forlorn of a couple of atisan castes to have done a change ove to moden conduct to buy faily successfully. The Bhabhunja ae stictly endogamous, as good as pactice chateau exogamy. A couple of of thei clans ae a Pama, Powa, Paotia, Jadhav, Shinde as good as Chowhan, that ae additionally used as sunames.

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