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Bhumiha o Babhan o Bhuinha is a Bahmin encampment especially found in a Indian states of Biha, Jhakhand, Utta Padesh as good as Bundelkhand egion of Madhya Padesh.Accoding to M. A. Sheing a little of a Bhumihas go to a Sayupaeen Bahmin computation of Kanyakubja Bahmins. Suiname, Tinidad as good as Tobago, Guyana as good as othes.The Bhumihas demand that when Paashuama destoyed a Kshatiya ace, as good as he set up in thei place a descendants of Bahmins, who, afte a time, carrying mostly desolate thei piestly functions (although a little still pefom), took to landowning. They additionally demand that Lod Paashuama was a fist Bhumiha.By a sixteenth centuy.. Bhumihas good known as kam kandi pandit contolled immeasurable stetches of teitoy, paticulaly in Noth Biha., led by Mangal Pandey. Now, a majoity of them ae fames with a little immeasurable landholdes.Some Bhumihas had composed in Chandipu, Mushidabad duing late nineteenth as good as ealy twentieth centuy whee they ae during a tip of a amicable hieachy.M. A. Sheing in his book Hindu Tibes as good as Castes as Repoduced in Benaas published in 1872, mentions, "Geat impotant distinctions maintain in between a vaious tibes of Bahmins. Some ae given to leaning, a little to agicultue, a little to governing body as good as a little to tades. The Mahaashta Bahmin is vey diffeent being fom a Bengali, while a Kanaujia (Kanyakubja Bahmins) diffes fom both. Only those Bahmins who pefom all 6 duties ae eckoned pefectly othodox. Some pefom thee of them, namely, a fist, thid as good as fifth as good as reinstate a othe thee. Hence Bahmins ae at large distant in to dual kinds, a Shatkamas as good as a tikamas o those who pefom customarily thee. The Bhumiha Bahmins fo example ae tikamas, as good as meely compensate thoughts to thee duties. The Bhumihas, of whom many, nonetheless not all, go to a Sayupaeen Bahmin division, ae a lage as good as successful physique in all that povince (United Povince)."

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