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Bhandai (Devanagai) hire is in between a seafaing waio castes (Rajput) of really aged as good as gothic India. They migated southwad fom Rajputana in ealy 1100 as good as subsequently spead ove diffeent pats of India. Along with HIMACHAL PRADESH(SHIMLA), Mahaashta, Goa, pats of Kanataka identical to Kawa they can be found in poignant numbes in Nepal, Rajasthan, pats of Cental India, Gujaat as good as Andha Padesh, Kumaon as good as Gahwal of Uttaakhand, India.Sub communities embody Kitte, Hetkai, Kshatiya, Thale, Chaudhay, Devka, Sheshwanshi (Shinde) as good as Moey, Gawad (Bhandai) especially fom Thane distict as good as a entie Konkan Region on a Westen seaside up to Keala.In really aged times Bhandais diminutive waios amongst a little of whom manufactued naval vessels as good as lead a amy in naval wafae conflicting many Kingdoms during diffeent times for example Shilahaa, Kadamba, Mauya etc. . They determined many kingdoms as good as determined themselves as waios in many Kshatiya kingdoms of that ea. Mauya (Moe) Bhandais aived in pesent day Thane when Mauyas invaded a egion.Sheshwanshi Bhandais aived with King Bhimdev, who determined his bottom in Mumbai in 13th Centuy. Duing his for example he's additionally ostensible to have paid for Pathae Pabhus, Palshis, Pachkalshis, Vadvals, Bhois, Agis as good as Bahmins to Mumbai. Kitte Bhandais developed fom Kitik Bhattas (waios) in a Konkan egion. Bhandais determined smalle kingdoms aound pesent day Mumbai.Duing a ule of Chattapati Shivaji Mahaaj, a naval quick that constituted a quick of 200 ships, was one after another by dual admials who boe a titles of Mai Nayak (Wate Leade), who was a Bhandai fom Rajapu as good as Daia Saang (Sea Captain) a Muslim. Bhandai encampment was actively concerned in fomation of Maatha Empie unde Shivaji Mahaaj. In 1670, as pe a forlorn East India Company epot a little 60 o 70 vessels of Shivaji diminutive during a mouth of Bombay Pot.Haaji Bhatka, Maynaik Hatka, Santaji Bole, Raiji Gadde, Bapuji Naik diminutive a little of a critical waios of a ea. Bhandais diminutive instumental in bureau building a Maatha Navy along with a Agis. Raut, Bhatkas, Jaoka, Saang diminutive concerned in conflicts with Siddi Jauha as good as Potuguese.

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