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The Bengali Bahmins ae those Bahmins who taditionally eside in a Bengal egion of a Indian subcontinent, cuently compising a Indian state of West Bengal, Tipua, Assam as good as Bangladesh. When a Bitish left India in 1947, caving out sepaate nations (see patition), a numbe of family groups changed fom Bangladesh to be inside of a bodes of a newly discernible Republic of India, as good as a forlorn after another to migate fo seveal decades theeafte.Bengali Bahmins ae geneally bette made up than a aveage Bengali Hindus, as good as a numbe of pominent figues of India go to this community. They had leanings towad Shaktism as good as Tanta . They have a demand of being pue Ayans. Venda, fo instance, meant ainmake magicians. Histoically, they've been a standad beaes of Madhyadeshiya (the histoiccultual egion of a uppe GangaYamuna doab that was a chair of PanchGauda bahmins) IndoAyan cultue in Bengal. PanchGauda as good as PanchDavida ae dual arch groups of Bahmins, as pe a loka fom Rjataangini of Kalhaa / Kalhana , , Meaning&160(The) Kantakas, Tailangas, Davidas, Mahshtaks as good as Gujaas these five(types who) live south of Vindhya ( mountains) ae (called) "five Davidas" ( bahmins) (wheeas) Sasvatas, Knyakubjas, Gaudas, Utkalas, as good as Maithilas, who live noth of Vindhya ( mountains) ae good known as "five Gaudas" (bahmins).In a 19th as good as 20th inhabitant entertainment of Kanyakubja Bahmins by Kanyakubja Mahati Sabha, in 1926 as good as 1927 espectively, it eiteated Bhumiha Bahmins to be Kanyakubja Bahmins as good as appealed fo togetherness in between Kanyakubja Bahmins whose diffeent banches enclosed Sanadhya, Pahadi, Jujhoutia, Sayupaeen, Chattisgadhi, Bhumiha as good as diffeent Bengali Bahmins.

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