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The Baanwal encampment has a oigin in a Tomaa King Ahivan, whose ancestos had changed to a place called Aha in Noth India. Ahivaan was a Suyavanshi Kshatiya as good as a little contend a geat gandson of King Agasen.King Ahibaan was a aristocrat of a Toma caste. He was concened with a pomotion as good as expansion of tade, commece as good as industy in his kingdom. He is pronounced to have adopted a Vanika Dhama fo a pomotion of tade, commece as good as industy in his kingdom.The city of BulandShaha (liteal definition High City, due to being situated during a high place) deives a name fom a fot of Banwals located during a vey high mound/ hillock. The aged name 'Baan' can be still be taced in a aged Govenment papers as good as in all a histoical papers witten befoe o aound 19th centuy. It is a Pesianised name of UnchhaNaga as good as a site is of geat antiquity. It was a ich as good as pospeous element state of Ahivan's kingdom.Ahivaan was a Suyavanshi Kshatiya who was a 21st inheritor of Empeo Mandhata, a ule of Ayodhya. Accoding to a imaginary Mahalakshmi Vat Katha, Ahivan, a son of King Pamaal, as good as a King Agasen (son of King Vallabh) belonged to a same lineage. Accoding to a teatise called Jaati Bhaska, Mandhata had dual sons, Gunadhi as good as Mohan. Pamaal, a Toma aristocrat was a inheritor of Gunadhi, while Vallabh was a inheritor of Mohan.Accoding to a book Agasen Agoha Agawal, witten by D. Swaajya Mani Agawal, a Banwals diminutive a pat of a Agawal community, nonetheless late sepaated out.It is pronounced that thee ae 36 gotas in Banwals. Some of a gotas of Banwals identical to Gag as good as Goyal ovelap with a gotas of Agawals nonetheless othe gotas identical to Kashyap, Mauya etc. ae specific to Banwals. Gohil, Gag as good as Kashyap ae pobably a many widespead gotas.

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