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Balija (Telugu ) (Tamil ) (Kannada ) o Balija Naidu is a amicable goup spead acoss a Indian states of Andha Padesh (concentated in a Rayalaseema egion), Tamil Nadu, Kanataka as good as Keala. Balijas ae consideed a subcaste of a Kapu hire in Andha Padesh.The oiginal goup of Balijas appear to have been a fiece goup of waiomechants. The Balijas have additionally been personal as Righthand castes . The Gavaas, until this time, appea to have been a sepaate hire goup who meged with a domain of a Balijas duing a Vijayanaga peiod, as did a hire goups of Gollas as good as othes with a Balijas.Thee ae 2 majo linguistic banches in between Balijas Telugu enunciation as good as Kannada speaking. The Balijas of Andha say Telugu while those of Kanataka say Kannada. Peiya E. V. Ramasamy, a fathe of Davidian Politics was a Kannada enunciation Balija . The descendents of Kandy Nayaks fom thei matimonial ties with a Maduai Royal Family meged in to a Sinhalese as good as say a Sinhala language. Consideing a mobile natue of a Banas of a past, as good as a actuality that they diminutive feudatoies to many of a dynasties thoughout southen India, it is challenging to contend what language(s) they spoke in a past.David Rudne claims that a Balija Chettis fissioned off as a sepaate hire fom a Balija Nayaks waios as ecent as a 19th centuy as good as accodingly they've tie apply oneself ties to a Nayak waios than to Chetti mechants . Some Balija Chettis currently fake a spelling vaiation Shetty .Thee ae numeous banches of Balija. Some diminutive declared afte places, such as Gonuguntla Desayi Chettis (named afte a encampment Gonuguntla) as good as Gandavaapu (Gonuguntla balijas who migated to Cuddapah) while othes had forlorn names identical to Mulaka (which is additionally name of a tibe), Miiyala (peppe tades), Vyasa, as good as Tota . Diffeences in between subcastes appea to have spin blued ove time.The Nayaka tem was fist used duing a Vishnukundina dynasty that uled fom a Kishna as good as Godavai deltas duing a 3d centuy AD. Duing a Kakatiya dynasty, a Nayaka pretension was bestowed to waios who'd eceived land as good as a pretension as a pat of a Nayankaapuvaam complement fo sevices endeed to a cout. The Nayaka was conspicuous to be an bureau in a Kakatiya cout thee being a coelation in between land a Nayankaa, a embrace of a administative pretension Angaaksha as good as a standing pretension Nayaka .

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