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The Bahti hire is a Agicultual Caste (Class Fou) found in a State of Himachal Padesh in India, paticulaly in Distict Una,In Punjab distict Hoshaipu,In a egion of Nangal, Hayana, as good as in a little pats of Rajasthan as good as Delhi.4Shudas as good as this multitude is paticulaly observant in Sevice Activities. This Society includes Bahti Caste alias Chotay Jat o Jatt. This multitude has ight on all sevices as othes. This Society seeks to be joined nonetheless seems impossible.The cultue of this encampment is vey most simila to othe communities of Himachal Padesh. Men of this encampment wea Kuta Pajama as good as women Salwa Kamiz.

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