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Badaganadu's ae a Bahmin encampment that especially eside in Kanataka, as good as right away due to a opening of globalization they ae spead thoughout a wold. Badaganadu Community is a forlorn of a thee categorical steams of adheents to a Advaita Vedanta popounded by Si Shankaachaya as good as ae followes of a Smata tadition (known as Smatism). Smata is deived fom 'Smithi' a Sanskit wod with a definition of a forlorn who "emembes o evees thei teache/Guu".Liteally, Badaganadu equates to a nothen land, pobably oiginating fom vadaga (noth) as good as tenkana(south) etc. Refeed to a community, it competence meant people fom a nothen pats of Tamil Nadu a Achakas who diminutive paid for to pefom pujas in Sanskit language. The mothe tongue of Badaganadu encampment has been Kannada, as good as ae lagely spead aound a nothen pats of Kanataka, Bellay as good as Anantapu disticts, Bangaloe, Shivamogga, Chikkamagaluu, Davanagee, Chitaduga, Holenaasipua, Madhugii, Tumku as good as othe pats of Kanataka.The popula suspicion is that Badaganadus have a stong a Selfespect as good as would ty to keep thei poblems as good as compromise them but any "outsides" help. Badaganadu Community emphasises a stong education, to illustrate many of a encampment membes ae good made up as good as ae Enginees, doctos, Offices etc. The categorical deity of a little of a Badaganadus is Lod Venkateshwaa.and fo a little it is Lod Mylaalingeshwaa o Lod Malatesha of Devaagudda o Mailaa nea Ranebennu in havei Distict. Badaganadu's celebate many of a South Indian Festivals identical to Ugadi, Navaati, Deepavali as good as Gowi Ganesha festivals.Thee ae many Badaganadu Oganizations spead all ove Kanataka, identical to The Badaganadu sangha (Seshadipuam BANGALORE 560020) in Bangaloe, Badaganadu Balaga in Mysoe etc.One can find Badagandu people hailing fom aound Mysoe, Mandya as good as even Coimbatoe. Though Badaganadu people adhee to AdiShankaa's teachings as good as ae advaitins. they celebate dull off all festivals as good as vathas be it petaining to greatfully Shiva o Kishna o Rama o Naasimha o Ganesha o any othe deity / God. Tuly secular Hindu opinion is shown by this community. Though many of a Badagandu encampment ae Smathas, thee is a lage Badaganadu group amongst Madhwas a little contend that Madhwas diminutive oiginally advaitins nonetheless chose to pofess Madhwachaya's Dwaita teachings due to easons of losing in eligious beg o diminutive ovecome by a change of a brand new thought. Whateve it competence be, this encampment tuly blends good but any expose off of for example o fanfae. Nanajanagoodu shikanteshwaa is a categorical deity fo Most of a Badaganaadu bahmins.

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