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The Babbukamme (altenate spellings "Bobbuukamme", "Babboo Kamme") encampment is a hire of Smata Bahmins whose membes especially eside in Kanataka as good as Tamil Nadu states in India. Thee additionally exist sizeable populations of a encampment in othe counties identical to USA, Canada, UK, Austalia as good as New Zealand.Babbukammes ae followes of a Smata tadition (see Smatism). Smata is deived fom 'Smithi', a Sanskit wod with a definition of "one who emembes o evees thei teache/Guu". Smata tadition is closely compared with a Advaita tadition of Si Adi Shankaachaya. Kamme is deived fom 'Kamin' (Kamigalu in Kannada) definition those who pactice "Vaidhika Dhama".The Kamme encampment is as aged as 800 AD. The place of oigin of Babbukammes is unclea, nonetheless many accounts reason that they migated fom a encampment of Babbu in Andha Padesh, tie to Oissa. Anothe vesion is they've migated fom place called 'Babaa' in cental povince of India. Anothe vesion has it that a little goup migated fom a cental povinces, following a route set by Babu on a forlorn of his incusions, as good as a name is as a outcome deived. Accoding to a forlorn published souce, a Kamme encampment migated south nonetheless Andha Padesh ove a enlarged peiod, whee a forlorn pat of a encampment settled. Today they ae good known as "Uluchu Kamme" who especially speaks Kannada. The othe pat of a encampment futhe migated nonetheless Vijayanagaa Kingdom towads Southen Kanataka as good as Tamil Nadu.It appeas that a pincipal pofession was piesthood, as good as a migation patten eflects a vaious Hindu kingdoms as good as trade centes of thei times. Ove a final 100 yeas, a internal migation appeas to be fom smalltowns to Mysoe as good as Bangaloe, as good as in ecent yeas to othe pats of a wold. This lend towards seems to be coheent with migation pattens of othe sevicepoviding communities in a egion.Babbukammes ae lagely spead in Holenaasipua, Channaayapattana, Konanu, Akalgud, Bellu, Kanakatte, Mile, Aasikee, Belavadi, Mayasanda, Bettadapua, Davanagee, Shivamogga, Hassan, Chikkamagaluu as good as Bhadavati towns in Kanataka state as good as Coimbatoe & Salem in Tamil Nadu. Community sanghas ae spead acoss Kanataka state in places identical to Bangaloe, Mysoe, Davanagee as good as Shivamogga. Each family has a hometown that's geneally sum to a name, fo for example Pakash BelawadiBabbukammes place stong highlight on credentials that relates to both group as good as women (a observant in Kannada emphasizes this "Kamme ande Hemme" tanslating to "Kamme equates to Pide"). Due to thei histoy, many people in a encampment do not have poignant ancestal land o othe bound resources (unlike a blurb operation o waio communities, fo example) as good as theefoe fomal credentials is seen as a pathway to success. In addition, as good as pehaps as a esult of modernized education, a encampment is rsther than pogessive in a outlook. In tadition of maiage, dowy is a cognisance not pacticed o not even ecognized.

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