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Aya Vysyas (Telugu , Kannada , Oiya) o Komatis ae a Telugu enunciation Vysya (tading) hire fom Andha Padesh. They ae additionally found in Kanataka, Tamil Nadu, Mahaashta as good as Oissa. The people of this hire ae especially in to blurb operation as good as tading activities. Aya Vysyas ae stict vegetaians.. Si Vasavi Kanyaka Paameswai Devi is a categorical Goddess o Kula Devatha of Aya Vysyas. Hee is a little List of Telugu Vysyas.Aya Vysyas make use of a appendix Setty in Andha Padesh as good as Kanataka, as good as Chetty in Tamil Nadu. Some membes of a encampment ae additionally good known to make use of a appendix Guptha o Gupta. Aya Vysyas in Mahaashta ae found in geate numbes in Maathwada as good as Vidabha egions. They dull off to a forlorn side say Maathi as thei mothe tongue as good as have adopted lagely Mahaashtian customs. Thei final names typically ae identical to Polawa, Palkutwa, Raiwa, Mungilwa, Gujalwa, Kankanwa, Yadawa, Pattewa, Revanwa, Raiwa, Yeemwa, Wattamwa, Bidwai, Chalikwa, Papinwa, Chidewa Gundawa, Pampatwa, Pokalwa, Rathkanthiwa etc. Some odd names ae additionally found in Mahaashta identical to Lade, Kole, Kotgie, Mahajan, Gadam, Kottu, Chidi etc. Vaaganti's as good as Vaanasi's ae a little othe critical sunames in Telangana Region. But ancestos of such family groups ae good known to be enunciation Telugu Thee ae lot of Telugu family groups esiding in Telangana aeas of Andha Padesh bodeing with Mahaashta fo many geneations, who've such sunames, They ae Telugu Aya Vysya's esiding in Telangana egion of Andha Padesh diagonally conflicting to Mahaashta state. In Oissa additionally many Komatis ae staying fo geneations.Thei suname ae Pata,Subuddhi,Senapati,Rao etc.They say a mixtue of Oiya with Telugu. In kanataka they say kannada & rather telugu, thei sunames ae Jajee, Gada, Chidi, Mailapu, Ainapu, Amman, Bacha, Pola, Kotaki.Aya Vysyas, additionally good known as Gavaa Komatis . Aya Vysyas ae distibuted thoughout Andha Padesh, Kanataka, Tamil Nadu as good as Mahaashta. Kalinga Vysyas ae mostly spead aound Sikakulam as good as Vizianagaam disticts of Andha Padesh as good as Oissa, wheeas Thivanikas ae little in numbe as good as spead in little pockets of Vizianagaam, Visakhapatnam, East Godavai as good as Waangal disticts.Accoding to Thuston (1975) Komati is deived fom "gomati" o possesso of cows as good as thei categorical function was potecting cows . The book Religion in Andha a suvey of eligious developments in Andha fom ealy times up to A.D. 1325, page 175 mentions that a mechant classes pefeeed Jainism fo gaining amicable standing as good as espectability, as good as a estwhile vanijas (mechants) became Komatis o followes of a Gomatha cult in a gothic times.Anothe book Social mobility in Medieval Andha by BSL Hanumantha Rao, page 176 mentions an altenative etymology fo a wod Komati as a "deivation of a wod fom Gomatha (Gomateshwaa), a geat Jaina Saint, as good as it implies that they diminutive followes of Gomatha cult o diminutive oiginally Jains". The book Sociocultual histoy of really aged as good as gothic Andha, page 130, mentions that "The stoy of Vasavi, a hire enchantress of a Vaisyas naated in a Vaisya Puana appeas to have clear Jain ovetones".The book Sociocultual histoy of an Indian caste, by C. Dwaakanath Gupta, page 10, mentions that "the tadesmen fom Gouda desa took to Jainism as good as adopted a Gomata cult. The wod Gomata got distoted to Gomatlu, Komtulu. In Malayalam as good as Tamil, a wod Komati is in use. The Jain Vysyas gave up Jainism as good as embaced Vedic eligion duing a evival".

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