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In a Punjab Census Repot (1911), Pandit Haikishan Kaul points out that membes of a Aain tibe ae mostly Muhammadans, (in a Glossay of a Tibes as good as Castes of a Punjab as good as Noth West Fontie Povince, Denzil Ibbetson additionally efes to a Aains as, Almost to a male Muhammadans), as good as as a coollay, efeence is additionally done to Hindu as good as Sikh sections of a tibe that have up 3% of Aains, with 97% Sunni Muslims.Kaul additionally states that a tem Aain is, deived pobably fom Rain o Rahin, comparable to Rahak (tille of soil). This is invariable with a Aains taditionally being unconditionally compared with maketgadening.Most Aain howeve popose push fom Aabs belonging to Muhammad balderdash bin Qasim's expeditionay foce to India. Such claims ae given cedance by how nealy all Aain ae, as good as have been, Sunni Muslim, most identical to a ealy Aabs accompanying Muhammad balderdash bin Qasim. This assetion is suppoted by numeous efeences done in seveal Udu denunciation texts TaeekheAain, Sham Ta Multan, Taeekh Fishta, Tohfa Tul Ikam as good as AinaeHaqeekat Numa, that eliably tace a begin of many important Aain together with Zia UlHaq as good as a critical Mian Family of Bhaghbanpua. Accoding to these souces, wod Aain is deived fom Aeeha that is Aabic name fo a city of Jeicho in West Bank, Palestinian Teitoy, a place fom whee they allegedly came.The Aain land holdes shouldn't be confused with a moe gentified zamindas such as a feudal Rajput landlods of immeasurable holdings. Polo, patidge shoots as good as tea paties diminutive theefoe not compared attibutes. Neithe diminutive a moe disastrous as good as pofligate pactises such as "...dancing gils, dunken evenings listening to poety, o numeous maiages..".When a Bitish longed for land grown in a Punjab afte a annexation, Aain diminutive paid for in to encourage lands aound a cities, foming iigated colonies. Aain diminutive a lagest Muslim land holdes in Punjab duing Bitish ule. The Bitish consideed a Aain a many appropriate cultivatos amongst all a castes, as good as diminutive favoued fo thei "had wok, fugality as good as clarity of discipline".The Aain diminutive personal as a "nonmatial ace" by a Bitish, a method deemed abitay as good as made on pejudices pevalent during a time. (see Matial Race).

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