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The oigin of a Anavils is taced to a peiod of Rama. Accoding to a Skanda Puana, when Rama was etuning fom Lanka with Sita afte murdering Ravana, he came to a hemitage of Agastya that was situated in a slow foest on a southen slopes of a Vindhya hills. At a geat Rishis bidding, Rama plain to pefom a honest mutation of amends during Anadisidha, fo a gangland slaying of Ravana. But as thee diminutive no Bahmanas thee (without whom he couldn't pefom a yajna) a little Ajachak Bahmanas diminutive summoned fom Gangakulgii in a Himalayas. Rama offeed them a immeasurable dakshina nonetheless they'd not accept it as good as insisted that they'd meely pefomed thei duty.Displeased with thei efusal, Rama depived them of a pivilege of precision a Vedas as good as pefoming yajnas. Like a Vaisyans, thei duty in multitude became agicultual. It is pronounced it was these Bahmanas who became a pogenitos of a people of a Bhathela o a Anavala caste, a subdivisions of that ae a Naik as good as a Vashi.The wod "Anavil" The wod "Anavil" itself it inteesting It is a mixed of dual Sanskit wods UNAVIL UN, a pefix, equates to NOT in Sanskit as good as AVIL equates to "that that is dity o impue". The sum wod theefoe equates to VERY PURE. It, theefoe, seems that Anavils had a eputation of being a vey upight as good as pue people and, fom a histoical pespective, that appeas to be bone out.Duing a ealy sixteenth centuy, when a Moguls' fist came to a Suat distict as conqueos, a Anavils diminutive soldie fames/piests by all accounts. Why they diminutive soldieing, on tip of faming, isn't good known fo sue nonetheless a forlorn can guess. The encampment was separate in to dual sections, a Desai o Mastans (Mahasthan's) as good as a Bhatela. The Desai pretension seemed to be a a forlorn many aspied to as good as a persistence shown by these Desai done sue that they stayed in powe. In those days, they diminutive populaly good known as Desai's as good as BHATELLAS athe than customarily ANAVILS. Thee ae 5 intepetations fo this sobiquet1. Bhatella is a mixed of dual Sanskit wods (BHATEELA). BHAT equates to a soldie as good as EELA equates to eath. The wod, theefoe, equates to a soldiefame2. The wod could additionally be a mixed of BHATHATHILA. HATHILA equates to devoted o tenatious as good as as a outcome a wod would be intepeted as a devoted o tenatious soldie

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