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Ahluwalia (Punjabi small(Gumukhi)/small, small(Shahmukhi)/small, small(Devanagai)/small) is a forlorn of twelve Sikh Misls, o fighting clans, founded by a mislda (leade of a misl) Jassa Singh Ahluwalia of Kalal jatt/Rajput family, in mideighteenth centuy Punjab, who additionally found a Kaputhala State. Some Hindu Punjabis additionally make use of Ahluwalia as thei final name.The tem Ahluwalia came in to make use of afte a ise of a esident of a Ahlu encampment (located eleven miles S.E. of Lahoe), Jassa Singh Ahluwalia as a mislda of a Sikh Empie of Punjab was a fist Ahluwalia o Walia. Hence his descendants as good as followes came to be good known by Ahluwalia o Walia in uban aeas. Nowadays Ahluwalia's ae categoized in to a Jats as good as Khati castes. Late, descendants of othe nonSikh esidents of a encampment additionally settled regulating Ahluwalia, right away a large encampment in between Punjabis.

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