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Sua as good as Abhia(Ahis) diminutive referred to as dual kingdoms whee a ive Saaswati existed customarily as a died up ive bed duing a time of Kuuksheta Wa. They diminutive infrequently efeed to as Suabhia also, blending both Sua as good as Abhia kingdoms. Afte a decrease of a Dwaaka fedeation, when Ajuna was receiving a Yadav women of Dwaaka to Indapastha, a Abhia tibes battered him as good as took at large distant a women as good as all a wealth.Nakula, a Pandava geneal, paid for unde slavery a clever Gamaniya that dwelt on a shoe of a sea, as good as a Sudas as good as a Abhias that dwelt on a banks of a Saaswati, as good as all those tibes that lived on fisheies, as good as those additionally that dwelt on a mountains, as good as a total of a county called afte a 5 ives, as good as a mountainous country called Amaa, as good as a county called Uttaayotisha as good as a city of Divyakutta as good as a tibe called Dwaapala.The Andhhas, a Sakas, a Pulindas, a Yavanas, a Kamvojas, a Valhikas as good as a Abhias, afterwards spin (in Kali Yuga, that is futue fo Yudhisthia), hexed of bavey as good as a soveeignty of a eath.In Bhishama Paava, while naating to Dhitaashta a names of a Mountains, Rives, Povinces etc of Bhaata Vasha, Sanjaya includes a Abhias in a list of a povinces as good as seems to fix up them somewhee in between a Mallas, Valhikas as good as a Apantas (6,9).i.e. ....the Valhikas , a Vatadhanas, a Abhias, a Kalajoshakas a Apaantas, a Paantas, a Pahnabhas, a Chamamandalas a Atavisikhaas, a Mahabhutas.....In a same Paava, thee is additionally efeence to a SudaAbhias who ae listed in between a tibes of noth such as a Yavanas, a Chinas, a Kambojas, a Daunas, as good as many Mleccha tibes, a Sukitvahas, a Kulatthas (Kulutas), a Hunas, as good as a Paasikas, a Ramanas, as good as a Dasamalikas, a Daadas, a Kasmias, a Khasias, a Bhaadvajas, as good as a divese tibes of Kiatas, a Tomaas, a Hansamagas, as good as a Kaamanjakas etc (6.9)

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