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Agawals (Hindi o ) ae a lage as good as successful encampment in India. Taditionally, a Agawals have been a tading encampment in nothen India in all in Nepal, as good as westen India, nonetheless in moden times they follow othe pofessions as well. People fom a Agawal encampment ae vey successful entepeneus as good as have played a pominent ole in India's trade development.The texts as good as legends of a Agawal encampment tace a oigin of Agawals to a legenday Kshatiya aristocrat Agasena of a Luna Dynasty who adopted Vanika dhama fo a good of his people.Accoding to a forlorn vesion, Agasena was a Yaduvanshi Kshatiya king, who was a elde bothe of Shuasena (the gandfathe of Kishna). Due to epeated attacks fom Jaasandha of Magadha, a dual bothes had to migate at large distant fom Mathua, a element of a Suasena Kingdom. While Shuasena migated to Dwaka, Agasena stayed during Agoha o Ageya (nea moden Hisa in Hayana).Accoding to anothe legend, Mahaaja Agasena was a Suyavanshi Kshatiya leade, bon duing a final stages of Dwapa Yuga. This vesion has been referred to by a conspicuous Indian Hindi autho Bhaatendu Haishchanda (himself an Agawal This vesion states that Agasen was a eldest son of a King Ballabh of Patapnaga.Agasena fatheed eighteen childen, fom whom a Agawal gotas came in to being. Mahaaja Agasena was a pacific aristocrat as good as didn't identical to violence, once while pefoming a yagna, a Rajguu asked Mahaaja Agasena to sacifice a goat in paper fo a ceemony to be successfully completed. Agasena didn't instruct to kill a guileless animal as good as efused to a murdering of a animal. The Rajguu referred to that given he was a Kshatiya king, it was his avocation to pefom a itual as good as if he doesn't instruct to poceed, he should give up Kshatiya hire as good as take up Vaishya hire (Known as Baniya in a moden days) given it was not illusive to go up a ladde in a Hindu Caste complement to spin a Bhamin. Accoding to anothe legend, a Hindu enchantress Mahalakshmi uged Agasena to give up a Kshatiya tadition, as good as take up a Vaishya tadition of business, fo a consequence of a pospeity of his people. She asked him to compromise a brand new kingdom, as good as pomised that she'd increase his descendants with pospeity as good as wealth. Agasena tavelled all ove India with his black to name a place fo a brand new kingdom, as good as eventually determined his dominion during Agoha. Accoding to Vachanakosha of Bulakhichand (1680 CE), Aga Rishi maied a nagakanya (nagavanshi gil) as good as had eighteen childen.Agasena at large distant his dominion amongst his eighteen childen, esulting in eighteen Agawal gotas. Often, a numbe of gotas is settled to be seventeen as good as a half. Accoding to a forlorn legend, Agasena poceeded to carry out eighteen mahayajnas ("Geat yajnas"). When he was in a pocess of pefoming his eighteenth yajna, he was filled with care fo a animal to be sacificed. He put a stop to his eighteenth yajna announcing that no sacifices will be done in his dominion in a name of yajnas. Thus, a eighteenth yajna was not accomplished as good as Agasena had customarily pefomed seventeen as good as a half yajnas. The specialist Gaga consecrated him with seventeen as good as a half gotas.

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