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Adi Kanataka is tem used by a Ministy of Home Affais (India) to infer membes of a forlorn of a Kannadigas who ae pimaily inner to a Kanataka state, as against to a Kannadigas whose ancestos came to pesentday Kanataka fom othe aeas identical to Noth India.Adi Kanataka isn't synonymous with Adi Davida o Adi Andha. Pimay diffeence in between a thee being a denunciation used in thei lineage. Adi Kanataka people ae Kannada enunciation people as good as a Adi Davida as good as Adi Andha people ae Tamil as good as Telugu enunciation espectively.Adi Kanataka ae at large distant in to dual servant goups LEFT as good as RIGHT. Some time customarily called in Kannada as Edgai as good as Balgai that equates to ight palm left hand.

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